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"Walk silently through life and you get nowhere, but ~whisper~ and you breathe life."

Poetry is... life. It really truly is. No matter how "good" or how "bad" a person is at "writing" poetry, it is... life. It gives a voice to things that no one would hear otherwise. Sometimes it is thought of as a superficial means of speaking, but really... taking away all of the fancy shmancy words we've learned over the years that mean the same things as the non fancy shmancy... just... right at the core of it all... There breathes the life of the poem, the life of the poet, the life of life itself. Poetry is a language unto itself but one we (the poets) were born to speak, to read, to write, to teach. I am so thankful to this language, to this... other-wordly culture... it saved ~my~ life... ~my~ voice. Whether you agree with me or not, like them or don't, these are my thoughts, written in the most beautiful language I speak. Enjoy. :)

I seem to have lost my muse... Funny how the word muse is in amuse, but when I'm A-mused, my MUSE disappears. Tough decision, though... do I want to be happy and a stinky writer? Or do I want to be horribly depressed and a great writer? *Shrugs*

2/20/06- Sorry I have not posted in some time. Life happened.

12/26/06- Life keeps happening and poems swim through my head, but because of that crazy life schedule thing, I never seem to have paper when I need it. Shoulda asked Santa for some, but didn't. I will try to put more pen to paper soon. Thanks for your patience. :)(I should just have a "This Page is Under Constant Construction" sign and be done with it, instead of all of these crazy updates! By the by, I'm Amber H now instead of B, I'm just not sure how to change that. :)

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Bright Ideas (Or utter nonsense)
Bright Ideas (Or utter nonsense)
from when I used to be good
from when I used to be good

Title Date Posted Date Created Ratings
Votes Creativity Form Imagery Overall
  Affair of the Universe 12/4/2007 12/04/2007 4 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  Around 12/30/2002 12/29/2002 1 Imaginative Competent Descriptive Well Written
  Betrayed 02/9/2002 02/09/2002 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Descriptive Clever
  Black Out 08/15/2003 08/14/2003 2 Outstanding Outstanding Flow Evocative Memorable
  Black Veil 01/19/2004 01/18/2004 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Christmas Bills are Ringing (In My Ears) 12/26/2007 12/26/2007 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Comfort Zone 08/23/2003 08/22/2003 2 Outstanding Outstanding Flow Evocative Memorable
  Disease 03/22/2004 03/22/2004 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Don't Judge a Parcel By its Wrappings 02/3/2004 02/02/2004 1 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Descriptive Memorable
  Doomed 07/29/2002 07/29/2002 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Evocative Memorable
  Eulegy of the Undead 09/13/2004 09/13/2004 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Explode 09/6/2003 09/06/2003 2 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Evocative Memorable
  Fight Night 01/2/2008 01/02/2008 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Fight Night (Round II) 01/16/2008 01/16/2008 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  For Rent 03/29/2004 03/28/2004 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Grow Old With Me (An Ode to "The One") 06/19/2003 06/19/2003 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Vivid Memorable
  Healthy Obsession 01/11/2002 01/11/2002 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  I Love You, But... 07/1/2003 07/01/2003 1 Outstanding Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  Indecision 06/30/2003 06/29/2003 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Evocative Well Written
  I Need to Be Better 07/31/2003 07/31/2003 3 Outstanding Outstanding Flow Evocative Well Written
  In Preparation 12/23/2003 12/23/2003 1 Brilliant Well-Framed Vivid Well Written
  In The Rain - Explicit 11/12/2004 09/18/2004 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  It Takes Two to Tango (With Left and Right Feet) 06/25/2003 06/24/2003 1 Imaginative Outstanding Flow Vivid Well Written
  Lucky - Explicit 03/9/2011 03/08/2011 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Midnight Rendezvous 05/4/2003 05/04/2003 2 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Evocative Memorable
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