1. Pathetic.org shall do its best to continually display the works of its members. However, there is no promise, no guarantee, no warranty, that display will be continually available or that works will be stored indefinitely. Members are advised to store their works elsewhere and not to depend on Pathetic.org to be their sole "gallery".

2. Service can be terminated at any time. Pathetic.org reserves the right to do so without notice for any reason. If Service is terminated, no further access will be allowed to the offending member and no retrieval of posted works will be permitted. Posted works will be deleted.

3. Members may not use the Web site and contents of Pathetic.org for any commercial purpose.

4. Copyright, according to US law, vests upon the creation of a work. The copyright notice under each poem at this Web site is an indication of this, not of a registration by a member of her work with the Library of Congress.

5. Pathetic.org reserves the right to use contact information from each member to contact him or her about special offers, membership notices, news, and like activities. Contact information is not shared with other parties.

6. A member must keep an active e-mail address on file at Pathetic.org at all times, failure of which can result in service termination. An "inactive" membership is one for which there has been no activity in over six months, and can result in service termination.

7. Members must use names that are traditional in format (e.g. William Smith, Jane Jones). Using a name that is deemed unacceptable by the staff of Pathetic.org will be cause for termination of a membership. Examples of unacceptable names are: Death Clown, Innocence Lost, Lonely Child, etc. The staff of pathetic.org feels that one can only expect to be taken as serious as they present themselves and that the use of these types of pen names lowers the quality of our efforts, our community, and our site.

8. Profanity is prohibited in poetry or journal titles, and in public message boards, chat rooms, etc
. Use of profanity in these areas is cause for the termination of a membership. Pathetic .org does not wish to censor poetry or creativity, while we want to protect the sensibilities of all our members, young and old.

9. Members are expected to post ORIGINAL work on this site. Using another's work without proper acknowledgment or permission, and copyrighting it as your own, is plagiarism, which is a crime. Any member suspected of plagiarism will immediately be removed.

10. Member acknowledges that due to the nature of the internet and the database driven nature of the site that there are no guarantees of privacy.

11. Pathetic.org reserves the right to change any of the terms and condition of use and membership at any time, without notice.

Last Updated: 03/22/2002

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