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Hey - 06/11/2018
by V. Blake

I hope you're having a good day.

You're an excellent writer. Keep on doin' what you're doin'.

Everything is Broken - 02/06/2018
by V. Blake

As I write this, I don't actually know if it will post successfully. Let's see.

Sorry to report that the owner of this website has abandoned it. We owe him eternal gratitude for all the work that went into building it in the first place, and for continuing to foot the bill that keeps it online at all. That said: we apologize for the bugs, but there's nothing we can do to fix them.

Keep steady backups of your poetry. And everything else--that's just practical advice for a digital world.

In case you didn't realize, private messaging does not work. Your messages are not reaching their recipients.

The moderators can pick poems of the day. That's about it for our powers.

I am sorry. Site errors will prevent me from making you a member. I promise that we'd have welcomed you to this community if we could.


I guess that's it. Hope you're having a good day.

The Pathetic Book of Poetry - 04/08/2014
by V. Blake

Our very own Jody Pratt was cool enough to put together a book of poetry using submissions from Pathetic members. Read more about it in the forums--you can even just click this link if you're feeling lazy, so no excuses.

Thanks go out to Jody for his efforts and to everyone who submitted their work to make it possible. Go get yourself a copy!

New Server - 08/03/2013
by Gavin M Roy

The site has been moved to a new server which should address the ongoing login issues for the past week or so.

Older News
Poem of the Day for 01/17/19

by Alison McKenzie

She is the she-wolf
In the trap,
Having lost everything
In one moment of blind trust
And hunger,
Unexpected danger in a wilderness
That had always loved her;
Unable to move now,
Bearing an otherwise simple injury
Resolved by simply releasing her
From the device
That now threatens
Life itself.

And he, having glimpsed her
In the glory of beauty unaware,
Comes upon her in his search of her,
Finding her prostate,
Labored breathing
And bloodied limb.

He wishes to free her,
To help her heal,
But she is still strong enough
To attack, for in her state of shock,
She knows only
The sense that she must fight
To protect herself from further injury.

He reaches,
She attacks.

He reaches again,
Finding her apparently subdued.
Yet she snaps again
And again,
Finding hidden stores of fight
Until he fears that
She is not going to let him free her,
Her message of rejection
And her will to protect herself
Speaking louder than
His will to stay.

So he leaves her, to herself,
And hopes that she will somehow
Escape on her own.

But she is finally bereft,
And dying,
Unable to let the stranger near,
And unable to
Do this for herself,
Exhausted beyond
What is needed
To gnaw off her own limb.


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Him Copyright © 2019

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