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Community News

The Pathetic Book of Poetry - 04/08/2014
by V. Blake

Our very own Jody Pratt was cool enough to put together a book of poetry using submissions from Pathetic members. Read more about it in the forums--you can even just click this link if you're feeling lazy, so no excuses.

Thanks go out to Jody for his efforts and to everyone who submitted their work to make it possible. Go get yourself a copy!

New Server - 08/03/2013
by Gavin M Roy

The site has been moved to a new server which should address the ongoing login issues for the past week or so.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen Contest Results - 09/20/2011
by V. Blake

Well, the extended contest is over, and we have our results! Congratulations to our winners, and a sincere thanks to all the participants!

Scarecrow by Frankie Sanchez and Steven Kenworthy

Everyone else! (Sorry. The submissions were too few to warrant runner-up selections!)

There wasn't a huge pool of submissions this time around, but all the ones we got were awesome. Thanks again everybody.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen Contest - 08/28/2011
by V. Blake

Well, the initial closing of the contest was to take place last night, but as we've only had two submissions so far, I have decided to extend the date by a couple of weeks to give everyone some more time. I understand collaborations don't always get done in a neat schedule, so I am hoping this will allow for a bit more competition.

Older News
Poem of the Day for 06/23/17

a whisper, afire
by Corey Lockaby

i'm sick and sad
my mouth and throat taste like coffee all the time
i lose sleep over all this
but really i'm just in my bed

she's gone to my head
what else can i do

i have another cup
i watch tv or put on a vinyl

i play
but mostly it's to shut up my head
screaming a melody so i don't just scream

at night it starts getting spooky
now i've got a responsibility
i'm not sure if she would understand

i'm sure she closes her eyes at night
about the time that mine are staring wide
i've got the fire
my fingers are burning
my head is sparking
i don't know what's right

i'm a man
yeah, yeah i am
but the moon still looks like a cloud
like it could blow away

it's not romantic, it's just scary

this town sort of moans at night too
i hear the train coming and i'm paralyzed

what am i waiting for
i could burn this ocean down tonight
it'll wash the world in steam

every time i try to connect the dots that aren't there
every time i see that thing

(everybody's going to heaven
i wrap all my dreams in the foam of the sea
i'm calm

everybody's going to hell
i sleep and i sleep and i sleep i sleep 'cause
i'm gone

how can you see with eyes bigger than your head
you wrap all your dreams in the land of the dead
there's nothing to do with my can't-get-lost blues
i'm still here)

yeah, just give me a sign
i need help so i don't whisper.


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a whisper, afire Copyright © 2017

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