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"When I look at you across the table, I don't see you but I see a whole emanation, which has to do with personality and everything else. And to put that over in a painting, as I would like to be able to in a portrait, means that it would appear violent in paint. We nearly always live through screens - a screened existence. And I sometimes think, when people say my work looks violent, that perhaps I have from time to time been able to clear away one or two of the veils or screens."

--Francis Bacon

"Also important is the theme of performing for others. What rescues us from our worst sorrows is the feeling of being abandoned and alone, yet not so alone that "others" do not "take notice" of us in our unhappiness. It is in the sense that our moments of happiness are sometimes those when the feeling that we are abandoned inflates us and lifts us into an endless sadness. In the sense also that happiness often is no more than self-pity for our unhappiness.

Striking among the poor--God put resignation alongside despair like the cure alongside the disease.

When I was young , I asked more of people than they could give: everlasting friendship, endless feeling.
Now I know to ask less of them than they can give: a straightforward companionship. And their feelings, their friendship, their generous actions seem in my eyes to be wholly miraculous: a consequence of grace alone."

--Albert Camus

From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.
--Edvard Munch

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  Experiment 02/1/2009 02/01/2009 1 Outstanding Outstanding Flow Vivid Well Written
  Night Sky 11/23/2008 11/23/2008 1 Imaginative Well-Framed Evocative Clever
  Search/Translate 02/4/2009 02/03/2009 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Strange songs 04/20/2009 04/20/2009 1 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  That day 11/16/2008 11/16/2008 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Vivid Well Written
  Untitled 11/11/2008 11/11/2008 7 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  Windows: 04/12/2010 04/12/2010 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Vivid Well Written
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