What Will We Miss

by Philip F De Pinto

What will we miss
when we are done with all this?
Anything? Everything?
None of the above?
Including love?

Will I miss the moon
more than I will the sun?
The seriousness more than the fun?
the fork more than the spoon?
the plum or the prune?

The creek or ravine?
to slide our canoe between?
Will you miss the verse more than the prose?
The weed more than the rose?

Will I miss the flea?
The louse which was a bitch to house
and bliss to scratch?

What one succeeds or fails
to understand - the batch
of brownies you'd bake and the batter
I'd lick off your fingers and hand -
via which a lean kid could get
to the lard of the matter

Will I miss the teas
you'd steep in seas
turned pekoe and smooth
to sooth when all else ails?

Will I miss my brother
or sister trees viewed
by that window or other?
The hammock we swung in?
The tete a tete we brewed
on the divan?

The poems we read -
what each held in store?
to let us know when we were at a loss -
what we'd miss most in our bed of moss -
The love we made or the war?


Posted on 04/11/2018
Copyright © 2018 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 04/11/18 at 06:56 PM

Love the rhyme/alliteration pattern here, Philip. Really propels the poem flow from one message to another. 12/10 in my books.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 04/13/18 at 07:26 PM

This is just delightful with so many cleverly worded questions, Philip. Thank you for this exploration. I admit I will not miss the flea, but everything else, perhaps. lol I'm with Chris - wonderful flow to this. I get to the end too quickly, yet rereading still satisfies.

Posted by Glenn Currier on 04/14/18 at 04:29 PM

I've been thinking about what might be beyond the veil if anything, but your poem makes me explore in a beautifully writ way, what I might miss then or do miss now. This poem is very poignant to me, my friend. Thank you so much, Phil.

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