In Peaceful Wonderment

by Kate Demeree

It seems so amazing to me that at one time I would sit before the screen

Hour after hour penning every thought, every emotion,

The words flowing easily, and the heart so very open

For most of my life I was a searcher

Always looking for and longing for


There was a constant ache

As if something were missing

Driving me to the keys

Urging me to write what I felt

Thinking perhaps if I could write it

I could live it

Is it the arrival of that Love in my life

That has silenced my pen?

Has the urge to write disappeared because at last

I am loved the way that I always knew Love could be?

I used to wake each morning with the sun

Wondering what was in store for me…

Would I find Love today,

Would Love find me?

Now there is such peace

No hurry to wake…

No more wondering…

For Love has arrived

And lies beside me

Breathing softly,

Speaking without words

To my very soul

I wonder… will the words return?

Will the need to write someday emerge

With such strength of force

And ability that I can convey

What I dream… imagine…

Know… wish for… feel?

Have I lost that gift…

Or does it merely rest

As my Love does…

Peacefully …

Till dawn


Author's Note: I am not sure this is even a poem, but more like thoughts. I am not sure it will even post as I have written it, and as I do not do html.... I guess I will just be happy if it posts!

Posted on 04/17/2009
Copyright © 2021 Kate Demeree

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by George Hoerner on 04/17/09 at 12:00 PM

I believe that many write from a kind of despair whatever the source. But I also think as you grow out of this despair you have the opportunity to look at everything around you from a different perspective and tell everyone what you see. It could be something simple like the morning sunrise or a bird outside your window. The world is a rich place and we should investigate all of it. I'm glad you found what you were looking for. Be happy.

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 04/17/09 at 12:11 PM

I think it was only resting, Kate, merely dorming as they say, like all quills are wont to do now and then, when they are pouring over so much love that is owed them or just plain missing in their lives. but I think with this beauty of a penning you prove that with that love re discovered your quill is very much awake as are you, and that is a good thing for all our sakes.

Posted by Maude Curtis on 04/17/09 at 03:46 PM

I am so happy for you, finding the love you were longing for. Keep the ink flowing for you have a lot to share.

Posted by Maria Massarella on 04/17/09 at 09:56 PM

The poetry you are becomes you, Kate. And it shows in the pureness of your beautiful write. It is such joy to breathe your words again! Lovelight*hugs

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 04/18/09 at 05:08 PM

I believe the words will indeed return, having just gone through the same thing Kate. What I've found is that a romantic relationship changes many things, including out writing habits, as we commit so much of our time and energy to that someone special. Eventually though, we rediscover the passion, adapt it to our new reality and move ahaead. Your poem acts as an excellent reminder to my own evolution in this regard. As always, great to read you again!

Posted by Charles E Minshall on 04/18/09 at 09:02 PM

I am so glad you found a great love Kate....CharMin

Posted by JD Clay on 04/18/09 at 09:05 PM

It looks as if your wish has come true, Kate. Your pen in motion and your heart aflutter. I've yet to determine whether it's the poetry of love or the love of poetry that titillates the mind. But move it will when the muse has found its peace.

Posted by Ken Harnisch on 04/19/09 at 05:06 AM

The words have come, along with love....tht should answer all questions, Kate, about the lovelieness of your sentiments and this poem!

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 04/19/09 at 02:40 PM

A wonderment, this poem. I enjoyed reading of your journey, even if it keeps your pen still and peaceful for a bit in your present place.

Posted by Graeme Fielden on 04/20/09 at 11:57 PM

a silent muse is a small price to pay for a happy heart, kate and it's wonderful that's what you've found. perhaps what's happened is that you're living poetry rather than writing it. :)

Posted by Tony Whitaker on 04/21/09 at 03:48 PM

Hi Kate! What do I say to something that shouts at me. I too have a problem with love. Yes, a problem which has kept me from writing like I use to. Before I moved to switzerland I woke up every morning and would write for two hours, most of it garbage, but so cathartic. The love of this country, and playing my guitar, has eased me away from the keys. But I know one day I shall return. This touched me deep!

Posted by Paganini Jones on 06/06/09 at 07:49 PM

Ah yes. For some love leads to an outpouring of words. For others the opposite is true. But words never really leave, just go on holiday a while. They'll be back!

Posted by Glenn Currier on 07/13/09 at 01:32 PM

I am happy it made it to this page. It expresses something I certainly have experienced. I have wondered "Must I be feeling like sh.. to be able to write?!" Well, now that I read your poem, I know the answer. Pain is not a necessary prerequisite for writing motivation... but it helps. :-) Someone on these pages once told me that if I couldn't write to write about not being able to write. That is what you have done and I am grateful for your honesty.

Posted by Charles E Minshall on 08/11/10 at 04:48 PM

Congratulations for poem of the day kate...CharMin

Posted by Elizabeth Jill on 08/11/10 at 09:19 PM

Cool ;)

Posted by Ken Harnisch on 08/11/10 at 10:07 PM

Second comment, Kate: I am a great believer in the theory that happy people and newlywed brides write the least, and for the same reason. This poem answers the question of whether you will write again with an exclamation point, and I am so glad it is without the angst that usually accompanies one's energetic return to the written word.

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