good morning dear ghost

by Elizabeth Jill

I can still see the bones of your courage
standing sturdy in this shipwreck

Where you travel
I am listening

Where you arrive
there is hope

Where you find places to survive
I bring water

Where you breathe one more breath
comes resilience

good morning dear ghost

Author's note: When I was a teenager I had, by then, filled some 50 wire notebooks with personal thoughts and poems. One day a condescending and sarcastic person discovered these notebooks, mocked me, and burned every one of them up as I stood helplessly meek. This did not stop me from writing, but it did persuade me to keep everything dear to me very hidden. I became close friends with "dear ghost". To this day, we are still close and well bonded, and I still write to "dear ghost". Every now and then, I share some of these notes. This is one.


Posted on 07/13/2007
Copyright © 2022 Elizabeth Jill

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Jim Benz on 07/13/07 at 04:51 PM

considering your author's note, Jill, it's hard to believe anyone could be so cruel. any yet you've maintained such a joyful spirit - which is an inspiration, to say the least. As for the poem, and perhaps others you've written for "dear ghost", I think it's wonderful. And I'm glad you shared some background which helps to make it even more meaningful - and gives us some insight into your very interesting muse.

Posted by A. Paige White on 07/13/07 at 07:48 PM

Resillient and courageous indeed. Beautiful thoughts. I have a dear ghost too. Sometimes He sends angels to watch over me and mine. And sometimes He even lets me know He did.

Posted by Sandy M. Humphrey on 07/13/07 at 08:55 PM

Thank you for sharing your dear ghost and your story. It is inspiration and beauty. smh

Posted by Mara Meade on 07/13/07 at 09:45 PM

To be able to embrace... the ghost... and look with understanding and even a kind of comeraderie (you both went through this together) speaks of a strength, a kindredship, or actually more of a Grace unfolding. This brought tears to my eyes. I will be back for another read as I know this has layers and is a story that could not have been easy to write... as I know that even acknowledging it would have taken a strong Will.

I stand proud and strong with you today. I consider myself fortunate to be a witness of this.

lovelove, only Love; mara

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 07/13/07 at 11:08 PM

This reflects your unique strength in the face of adversity and we are all better for the words you continue to write and share with us.

Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 07/14/07 at 01:04 AM

Amazing story, an authentic self teacher you are... there are few people who by that age would fill those books, few who could be so cruel-- and few so resilient... but you have the strength of the tree you so birdlike perch upon, and the song you sing is sweet, so sweet and deep-throated, night and day awakening.

Posted by Gregory O'Neill on 07/14/07 at 07:05 AM

Our ability to illuminate ourselves is most certainly an important survival tool. For some, with a gentle grace such as you, it is not just survival, but thriving.

Posted by Alex Smyth on 07/14/07 at 01:31 PM

There was more wisdom in your soul even at that young age and before, than could ever exist in the one who mocked you. Bless you on your journey.

Posted by Dan Kasten on 07/14/07 at 02:08 PM

The author's note is chilling. The poem will stand the test of time. Let them just try to burn it up now.

Posted by Kyle Anne Kish on 07/14/07 at 09:09 PM

I am slathered in tears, Jilly-Two-Shoes. Also, I am proud that you had the gumption to write this poem and post it here. You had and have such strength, it makes me adore you for who you are. This is going in my favorites ... along with you.

Posted by Ashok Sharda on 07/15/07 at 02:55 AM

"dear ghost" is dead in the linear time but ever alive in notime. he doesn't carry you back, he walks with you, witnessing the power you derive from the dead.How can one separate life from death? let's death chase life becoming its energy source rather than life chasing death.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 07/15/07 at 05:50 PM

A worthy mass card for the living and deceased!

Posted by Jean Mollett on 07/15/07 at 06:40 PM

Hi Elizabeth, This is beauitful, adorable picture too. You are blessed. The bright light behind you, ghost or not. It's good that you do. Most would it is. It's the Lord's sun shining brightly thru the trees behind you. One of His ways of watching over you along with His team of Angels everywhere. I agree, how could this person be so cruel!! I'm so glad you didn't let that stop you. keep on writing. I put this one on my favorites list. Thanks so much for sharing. Lots of Hugs. :)

Posted by Joan Serratelli on 07/25/07 at 04:14 PM

This is a wonderful piece decribing triumph over adversity. WhileI find it difficult tobelieve such cruelty exists; I know it does! Beautifully written and a gutsy piece to post.

Posted by Alisa Js on 07/28/07 at 12:39 AM

thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by... aloha to you and yours from this side of paradise.. aloha

Posted by Alison McKenzie on 07/30/07 at 08:28 AM

Thank goodness for the ghost, and for your endearing, enduring soul. *HUGS*

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 08/01/07 at 10:44 AM

and yet from the ashes, this. this loveliness re-emerging and taken flight, unto clouds who gather unto themselves a breath and all exalt, hail, hail such Elizabethan words whose fragrance is persistence.

Posted by Shirin Swift on 08/03/07 at 03:45 AM

can relate to this; the ghost that evolved is lovely nevertheless, adding to the complexity of the artist

Posted by Ken Harnisch on 08/07/07 at 12:18 PM

The ghost is the fortunate one, who gets to speak to your heart so often and so truly.

Posted by Laura Doom on 10/21/07 at 11:02 PM

That's disconcerting - a shot of empathy wringing out the realization that I am the ghost, and my poetry is the living entity, burning my ears and clouding my eyes. Potent metaphor, your disembodied precursor jill - the good ship Phoenix painting a thousand swords :> (forgive my cumbersome metaphorical shuffle :)

Posted by Bethany Lee on 05/16/08 at 02:12 PM

Someone burned them? Oh my dearest poet-Soul-sister...If someone did that to me (and it came close) my heart would be CRUSHED. Bravo to you for having the courage to still write and share your words. Thank you.

Posted by Meghan Helmich on 06/09/08 at 08:27 PM

i probably would've stopped all writing after that. good on you.

Posted by Jo Halliday on 07/18/10 at 06:41 PM

The most beautiful thing I've read. The best thing is that ghosts never, can't, die: they don't betray, and they have only bones as fingers.

Posted by Maria Massarella on 09/15/13 at 07:51 PM

Good morning,dear Ghost. It is a rainy evening on my side of the planet. Finding your here in potd skies illumines more than just the night. Grazie.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 09/15/13 at 08:49 PM

How very fine to see this as POTD!

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