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Lacy D Phillips Occupation: Production Artist
City: Crandall
State: Indiana
Country: USA
Member Since: October 2001
Last Login: 06/22/2021

Homepage: http://reachwriter.blogspot.com/

I love the English language and the possibility for expression that it allows,
but mastery of the language is, in itself, not at all the goal when I compose. The real prize at the heart of why I choose to write is learning… about myself in innumerable ways, about how to express an experience, about different ways to perceive the world we inhabit, and also about how to utilize verbalization and the medium of language. In short, it’s the process that I love, not the product…unless, of course, I define the product of my writing not as poetry but as knowledge.

Lacy resides in Southern Indiana where she has been involved in Bean Street Café’s Thursday Night Reading Series. Her creative non-fiction piece “Getaway Anyway” appeared in Bean Street’s best of anthology entitled Where Handstands Surprise Us (Pitchfork Battalion, 2004) In 2002, a collection of Lacy’s poetry, including the title work “Poetry Has Had Its Way With Me,” was published by iUniverse. She also designed the cover art for the book. Her works "Nothing Epic in the Epicenter" and "Will you read me for my beauty?" appeared in the Winter 2003 edition of WordsDance. "On High Where I am Not Welcomed" was published in deComosition Magazine in August 2006. She was also a major contributor of editorials to The NH Underground.

Lacy is an Empire Poet and a member patron of The Pathetic Poets Society. She currently works as a contract developmental/content editor for American Book Publishing.

Her works have been used in the writing curriculum at Indiana University Southeast.

At present, Lacy is designing and formatting her second full-length collection of original, unpublished poetry to be entitled As Good As My Word. She expects to have this work ready for publication late in 2006. Her first full-length collection entitled Well Enough Alone will remain unpublished though it was completed in 2002 and made available in electronic format upon request.

Lacy is a member of the following groups: Christian Poets and The Bell Jar.

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My Favorites
My Favorites
Collection 1 - Well Enough Alone
Collection 1 - Well Enough Alone
Collection 2 - Good As My Word
Collection 2 - Good As My Word
Collection 3 -The Mess that's Me
Collection 3 -The Mess that's Me
Poetry has had its way with me
Poetry has had its way with me
Re-writing The Wasteland
Re-writing The Wasteland

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  Paradigm Shift 06/12/2008 06/12/2008
  Politics vs. Particle Physics 01/28/2009 01/28/2009
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  The Long and Short 04/22/2008 04/21/2008
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  Through All Manner of Violence and Exertion 01/6/2009 01/06/2009
  To Hate your New Love 07/29/2008 07/28/2008
  Van Gogh Eyes (image) 05/17/2008 05/17/2008
  Wake and Remember 01/1/2009 01/01/2009
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