Learn To Worship

by Philip F De Pinto

A nursery rhyme
Something soft if not so round
Like Dali's clock to tell you the sweltering time
Learn to worship the wrong tool
The old fool
Who deals pot
In grammar school
As well as the detention
He receives afterward
Not to mention
All the sentences which begin with - I shall not
Which he'll be forced to write five hundred times on the blackboard

Learn to worship a flat boob - a flat tire
A Paladin for hire
A great Wallenda not so steady on a high wire
Ol Saint Nick - when he stuffs coal
In your Xmas stock-
ing - Something to float in the kitchen sink
Like invisible ink
Or a miniature Titanic
And floating alongside - the essential ice cube
If your ill fated ship
Is to slip down to the brink
With most on board
Learn to worship every word
Written in their wee obituary
Learn to worship broken statuary

Learn to worship your unlucky shirt
A new hurt
Ezra Pound
Pitching a moon in neon
To Ponce De Leon
Grown too old to locate the youth in his swing
To hit it out of the hospice wing

Learn to worship a bee's sting
Toss in that mix - a junkie's fix
Something profound - like worm holes in socks
An engine that pings and knocks
Learn to worship freedom's call
Mexican jumping beans
Leaping over the border wall
Any item or items dropped from a tower which leans
To prove that a grapefruit and a lime
Something ridiculous or sublime
Will hit the ground at the same time


Posted on 12/19/2018
Copyright © 2022 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 12/21/18 at 11:22 AM

As all your work, Philip...refreshingly different, unique, yet still that De Pinto style shining through from start to finish.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 12/28/18 at 04:48 PM

I'm so glad our internet is actually working today for this piece has grabbed me by the lazy scruff and revived my love for poetry, your stream of conscious style and amusing rhymes that just tickle every bone that still holds me together.

Posted by Kris Mara on 02/02/19 at 05:48 PM

Just when I think I've forgotten the what or why of this thing they call poetry, I stumble on your words and they put me right...pretending to be stream of conscious gliding effortlessly through my mind, while being so clever as to say precisely what you sounds that make me realize magic and poetry do exist...and I just witnessed it...and will go back to read again.... if that makes any sense... what I'm trying to say (probably less coherently than I wish) is simply that I'm amazed, as always, by the way you weave your words and am so glad to have read you today....

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