As The Magpies Flown

by Philip F De Pinto

Despite our falling
Out - what
What better virginal pressing
Than you impress on mine
Your adverse sublime

Hit or misses
What better rant
Than I plant
My aardvark kisses
On your endearing can
And don't say I can't
Just because you are not
My aunt
But you were
The lickety break I strove for
and not the split

And what better
Than we break with tradition
Of traditional breakup
And head for unconventional makeup
And spend the remainder
Of our making up
Living and cantoring it up
In the minarets of our verses
And rhyme
Time after subliminal time

And now that as they say
The rays have as the magpies
Flown to a less tranquil place
And it is raining on my charade
Oh that your pied piper had not given
Your rat tat tat the toot
Oh that your puss ' n boot
Would spray its mace in my face
I would be gladly blind

Oh that we could establish
A new oral tradition
And I could taste you again
Savor your every nuance and shade
And tidbit
Surfing on the waves of
My palaver again
And have the vaginal bud
Budding the more
It would press
Against the tongue's lathe

What better aim
Than I could lay claim
To us again
And say the hell with rays
The blazes with rain
And charades
Oh what I'd give to live
To have it made in the shade
Again with you


Posted on 04/26/2014
Copyright © 2022 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Clara Mae Gregory on 04/26/14 at 02:55 PM


Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 04/28/14 at 03:42 PM

Both sensuous and sensual. Some literary analogous allusions thrown in.

Posted by Steve Michaels on 04/28/14 at 07:37 PM

I love love love this poem! I am going to read it out loud to the next woman I break up with! Aardvark Kisses!!!!! What a great phrase!!!

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 04/29/14 at 04:31 PM

Delightful - "Living and cantoring it up In the minarets of our verses And rhyme Time after subliminal time" and my favorite phrasing. Nostalgia at its/your best, Philip.

Posted by Elizabeth Shaw on 04/29/14 at 10:45 PM

This is just charming - and what a sculpture you have sir planted here... my oh my ... aardvark I dare say, and with your tongue's lathe no less!!!!!!!!! Nice big wet ones Phil. This is so playful and I'm much in need of playful doing income taxes. Thnx:)

Posted by George Hoerner on 04/30/14 at 02:49 PM

Just great my friend!

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 05/01/14 at 03:38 PM

Catchy choice of words and construction moves this whole thing along to its excellent conclusion, Phil.

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