Cabin In The Sky

by Philip F De Pinto

Love of my life
And all previous lives
Speaking plain
The blood of all your yesterdays
Yet courses in my veins
As will the morrows
And I find my heart palpitating
Para-sailing over a lake
Whose smallwood face is made frenetic with my skimming
The stone which is reflection
And above the vibrato of it all
I miss your more than you know

But where does reflection skim from here
Given you've pulled up stakes
And are seeming not to care;
Thus must reflection court - embrace - make love to air
Which raises no objection to the rapier
Whittling in such - a face and nape
And neck and shoulders and arms and hands
And breasts and abdomen and belly
And hips and legs and feet lovely and essential as yours
And yes - my long knife longing and soaring
And brushing and honing against the ether
And dipping and gouging in the lower portion
A vagina plumb and winged and purring
And sweet and purloined and fixating as yours
For soul beat to make retreat

O'er which when all else fails
My heart skims - parasails a lake
Titicaca deep
Whose water is made holy
With your butterfly strokes
And blue with my weeping


Posted on 07/28/2013
Copyright © 2024 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Linda Fuller on 07/28/13 at 03:29 PM

Philip, this is exquisite and achingly sad.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 07/28/13 at 04:13 PM

Well, just masterful with longing. I adore the rapier whittling and making love, the depth reference to Titicaca and those last three lines. Thanks very much for this.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 07/28/13 at 06:50 PM

Love the Shakespearean feel of this piece...expression of love, Phil. Superb!

Posted by Elizabeth Shaw on 07/29/13 at 09:50 AM

The originality in the contours of your cabin in sky is breathtaking. Bravo to your whittling dearest Philip, and to your love which inspired thus

Posted by George Hoerner on 07/29/13 at 11:35 AM

Wonderful Philip and may you find her again some day and be happy ever after.

Posted by June Labyzon on 08/17/13 at 02:17 PM

Incredible description of what some may find an ordinary function of human flesh....but this is not ordinary, as it describes love and you, my dear philip have never been ordinary. Sendind cyber hugs, thanks for your words......

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