Application For Sanctuary

by Elizabeth Jill

Subject: Application For Sanctuary

To Whom it may concern, please.


For about 9 days now I have noticed that a huge metaphor has been stalking me. It follows me everywhere and - when I'm home, it waits for me to come out. I've had to change my identity, and now I have applied for the Witness Protection Program. All of this has been to no avail.

I note that if I accidentally make eye contact, the metaphor gets stalkier and ever more cryptic, if you will.

And so, well. Such is how it grows. Having sympathized with huge metaphors in my younger days, I thought I knew the territory, only to find that I have inadvertently smashed into a rogue idiom. I wonder now if every blurt of breath is yet another insane idiom, that all is idiom. Just yesterday I was deafened by an outright outrageous alliterative alliteration. And now this morning I've been clotheslined by a roughshod - yes, a very very uncivilized - hyperbole bent on trying to pin me down.

How has it come to this, that I have been yanked out of my tree and landed abruptly here? Is this somehow the place where the synonym-metaphor-stalked wind up?

I know what you're thinking: syns are safety nets. But I think you'll also agree that metaphors are tricky lassos. Especially when armed with marauding similes. Something to fret.

And digression is clearly not a dependable savior, here.

But I digress. Here-in as presented is my plight for your consideration.



Posted on 05/08/2013
Copyright © 2021 Elizabeth Jill

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 05/08/13 at 09:52 PM

Brilliant piece of work Jill. Quite original and great sense of humour in its approach and message.

Posted by Clara Mae Gregory on 05/09/13 at 12:27 AM

***+++***ABSOLUTELY*FABULOUS***+++*** :)***+++*****+++***(:

Posted by Nadia Gilbert Kent on 05/09/13 at 04:18 AM

This is pretty great. Glad to have stumbled upon it, and that it exists at all.

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 05/09/13 at 11:18 AM

we should all be so fortunate as to be pursued by metaphor, particularly when it results in such lovely discourse as this, which is right up my proverbial alley. Jilly, it has always been my contention that a metaphor a day keeps the analogous step sister away. what more can poets ask for, who are arrived at their forks, but plenteous metaphor to line their walks that they might gather more of these poetical talks.

Posted by George Hoerner on 05/09/13 at 11:26 AM

You jumped right there to the front of the line m'lady. Which is where I've always seen you shine. Great write!

Posted by Ken Harnisch on 05/10/13 at 09:26 PM

Stalked by a metaphor! Bravo! how damned clever!!!

Posted by Laura Doom on 05/11/13 at 09:23 AM

An analogy for sanctity in the house of the lured--I languish lurid in your lair...metaphor as metaphor is a deliciously devious device"@#@"

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 05/12/13 at 04:39 PM

Ha! They do grow on us, don't they! Loved this romp, Jill. Here's to strong stalks to hold up our alliteratives. ;)

Posted by Dan Kasten on 08/07/13 at 12:20 AM

Quite clever. You know, it has been since March 2012 that I logged in, and your place was first I visited. I always know that you will leave the light on and the metaphor on the stove, cooking... so to speak.

Posted by Rob Littler on 12/28/13 at 11:14 PM

sin-tax on the syntax...but cigarettes are more yielding

Posted by Stephan Anstey on 09/06/15 at 02:49 AM


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