August Woodland Warning

by Kristina Woodhill

A secret in the Lodge Pole canopy,
Held legend bends with winds the mind in search,
Distracting necks, wood harps play musically,
Aloft tunes hypnotize and safe keep gems close to the earth.

Straight, trim and tall the Lodge Poles make their stand;
Like graceful "elles" an upward stroke they pen,
While writing woodland tales of ghoulish bands,
Bold warnings scribed, sweet treasures they defend.

Beware the purple cyclops, sing the pines,
Do not their pink and white bells daintily
Siren your ringing ears with charm sublime,
That you might seek their source, and wander dazed and aimlessly.

Beware the purple eyes that flirt with ease;
Oh, woe to those who part their lashes green!
They will your hours entrap as close you gaze,
Compelling you to pick and pick and pick

And pick and pick and pick

         Until the forest floor is berry clean!

   Some warnings given in this life are fair;
   My pancakes know a wooden nickel pine-o-gram (for sure)
        Sent out each August by the hucklebear.


Posted on 08/29/2010
Copyright © 2020 Kristina Woodhill

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Elizabeth Jill on 08/29/10 at 03:32 AM

It has already happened, so taken away am I by a muses warning. I must post this near the Oak, but quick -before the jasmine blows her kisses, her berry berry sweet kisses.

Kristina, you know how I love anything with Beware!

Posted by George Hoerner on 08/29/10 at 01:14 PM

I will be drawn back to the lodge poll pines this coming week as I head back to Jackson Hole for a short stay. I wish I were going far enough north to see he bear grass plants, as beautiful as I've ever seen and all with ability to hold you till the surrounding earth holds you forever. Very nice write m'lady.

Posted by Gregory O'Neill on 08/29/10 at 08:12 PM

So lush, no wonder it bears...a warning. Beauty and folly are generally companions. Delighted. Thanks.

Posted by Charlie Morgan on 09/03/10 at 01:23 AM

...kristina, come back and pick me UP! i love this one; transport me, puuullllease. but get me back safely...well penned, m'lady, well penned.

Posted by Glenn Currier on 09/08/10 at 09:44 PM

You have me looking up and my ears perked. Those poles standing and penning, making me want to get out of this soft chair and stand up for SOMETHING! This has music and air and some distant memory of being in awe of the forest. Thanks for bringing me back.

Posted by Erin Eymard on 09/22/10 at 09:27 PM

This poem is berry berry much fun :) What a wonderful August adventure!

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 10/24/14 at 12:45 PM

simply fascinating, Kristina. quite enamored of that first stanza, the second line is quite captivating -----held legend bends with wind the mind in search.

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