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The Dust of Stars

by JD Clay


On your passage

Song of truth

Spirit of the crow

Sighing cedars

Calling down this

Melancholy moon


Deep in your heart

A sleeping bear

There is a God

You told me so with

Reverence etched

In Petoskey stone







Author's Note: Rest well o' father mine. I take with me your name.

Posted on 03/23/2008
Copyright © 2023 JD Clay

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 03/23/08 at 02:50 PM

great intro to the theme with the title and first line, and profound lines throughout, esp "sighing cedars," and "there is a god." i'm not sure who this is about, a father perhaps, but as you honor and remember this incredible man/spirit?, there is a song of hope for those left behind. a finely crafted piece, a healing to be sure, and a story that is far from over. pk

Posted by A. Paige White on 03/23/08 at 04:29 PM

This is a fascinating poem, Jadi. I had to look up info on the petoskey stone to be sure I didn't miss some symbolism that was vital to this piece. Fossilized coral from the Devonian age... carried along by glaciers. A glacier moving an ancient fragment of shallow seas. This whole piece sings of both in your tribute to your dad. So glad to see you posting! I find it excellent.

Posted by Wendy Sparling on 03/23/08 at 06:16 PM

one could only write such a poem, if he were in tune with himself and Zen. Sedona, brought you peace and solitude. Delightful poem about your father, jadi, thank you.

Posted by Rhiannon Jones on 03/24/08 at 12:08 AM

That second stanza - so comforting.

Posted by Mary Frances Spencer on 03/24/08 at 05:12 AM

A lovely tribute. Namaste MFS

Posted by Tony Whitaker on 03/24/08 at 07:05 AM

A wonderful tribute jadi and may you continue to look to your father, still walking with you, in your hour of need!

Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 03/24/08 at 07:46 AM

Each word a star in constellation. The intimacy and meanings hold an inner structure built on place and association. They sparkle with meaning but feel like old gold, a singing bowl to be sounded. I love especially "Within your heart / a sleeping bear". An inspired tribute.

Posted by Ken Harnisch on 03/24/08 at 11:56 AM

As gentle yet powerful a tribute as I have ever read here, JD.. Peace to him and you

Posted by Mara Meade on 03/24/08 at 07:35 PM

Beautiful, haunting, esoteric and intrinsic. This is an incredible tribute...

Posted by Bruce W Niedt on 03/25/08 at 03:28 PM

How fitting that as soon as I post a poem in tribute to my late father, I read yours. It is beautiful indeed, and has somewhat of a Native American tone to it with the naturalistic imagery. It certainly struck a chord with me -well-done.... d:-)

Posted by George Hoerner on 03/25/08 at 06:50 PM

A father could ask for no greater tribute. So very well done. I'm originally from MI so I appreciate the "stone". Nice!

Posted by Angela Nuzzo on 03/26/08 at 08:09 AM

Just beautiful, JD. :) I agree with Bruce - it does have an American Indian essence to it.

Posted by Charlie Morgan on 03/26/08 at 03:17 PM

...jaydee, j.d., andor jadi, a rose by yada yada...you pen a piece that ANY dad would be proud to own about himself...kudos for such a tight/loving piece...i'm past envy, i've segued all the way to jealous...love it...peace, charlie

Posted by Charles E Minshall on 03/27/08 at 05:03 AM

I really liked this one Jadi....CharMin

Posted by Elizabeth Jill on 03/29/08 at 01:05 PM

Like a flute on the wind, this flows through my skin. Passage ...the word placed *just so* carries such multiple meanings. Selah, JD

Posted by Julie Adams on 03/29/08 at 02:09 PM

There is no wonder how this piece ended up at the top of the weekly favorites list, not a single word amiss...this piece is to me what real poetry is all about: profound depth, imagery, message, and a connection to natural elements, as well as humanity...all the previous responses to this piece I must echo, adding only that reading this piece sparked a poetic emotion in me that I can only liken to the response evoked in me through fine art...thank you for sharing this masterful piece, ever in awe, peace to you and yours, always, *jewels*

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 03/30/08 at 08:01 PM

A beautiful poem jadi with a profound title when matched with the text considering we are all just the dust of stars.

Posted by Mara Meade on 03/30/08 at 09:08 PM

So glad to see this remaining on the Top of the Top Ten; it has remained with me since reading it. This is just beautiful.

Posted by Gregory O'Neill on 03/30/08 at 11:10 PM

What's not to like? This is wonderful. Generous and elegiac verse. These spaced thoughts offer plenty of room to breathe them in. Delighted. Thanks.

Posted by Maria Massarella on 03/31/08 at 03:11 AM

Maestro, I love the way you orchestrate my breath with your linebreaks... summon my gaze to absorb the expanse of horizons in the spaces between each line, where harmonious the smallness of fonts rise in the softest gentle whisper. On a cedar sigh, calling the melancholy moon, in the sacred intimacy of prayer you take me with you to journey sleeping bear’s slumber. Were you to ask, I would tell you that on entering I become part of the sound, of the reverence that envelopes and spreads like nebulae -- that the power and grace of your words on speaking of this passage touches me beyond the said and the unsaid -- that in the stellar glow of the dust that crowns your poem I see the seeds of tenthousand stars … ‘tis so celestial a light this ascension one beholds. LoveLight&Peace ...*m.angelina

Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 04/06/08 at 11:57 PM

What marvelous consolation in this beautiful tribute to your father. You have him with you in ways beyond the earthly!

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 08/22/08 at 11:39 AM

how many eons foraging in the fathoms of our souls for such words as will pay proper tribute to our beloved fathers? I suspect they are of a number which is countless, nevertheless they are gathered and placed at the heart of this endearing matter.

Posted by Graeme Fielden on 09/09/08 at 12:38 PM

the phrase "sigh of cedars" caught me completely in a transient ambiance between worlds... wow, what a concept and a tributary method of expression of love.

Posted by Melissa Panther on 10/19/08 at 08:27 AM

Songs of painted caves...lovely

Posted by Joan Serratelli on 03/04/09 at 02:19 PM

A beautiful tribute to your Dad- it would certainly make him proud! excellent write!

Posted by Glenn Currier on 06/20/09 at 10:59 PM

With what sweetness and beauty do you grace the memory of your father and all of us - your readers. I salute him on this Father's Day eve and thank him for fathering such an extraordinary son. This piece carries me to Father Sky and back to the glimmering sands of your poetic soul.

Posted by H.M Stevens on 09/30/09 at 11:23 PM

This is secretly a homage to Michigan.

Posted by Clara Mae Gregory on 12/30/09 at 04:52 AM

AWESOME TRIBUTE poem to your father, JD. My own father has been very much on my mind lately and tonight I felt led here. Strange. I found comfort in these words. Thank you.

Posted by David Maurice on 09/25/11 at 12:55 AM

It's very melodic, this tribute, I can see it told over a campfire deep in the back of a wild place.

Posted by Dan Linn on 12/03/11 at 10:22 AM

i see gestures as much as words. Whole ritual of traditional origins. Shadows on walls from a living fire.

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