*Weather a feather if fickle as I

by A. Paige White

On Norm's Noah's ark
Still floating around ungrounded
(from the morning's vessel report)

Or George's gorgeous
Dance into exotica
Entrancing scratching
quills that drop
To dip into winky chocolate eyes

Watch Samuel's Kamael
Clad in green
draw cinnebar letters
---Seraphim scrivener
------a Scion, I sighed
---------as the feathers died

I, as a kestrel,
Hover over Kathleen's
Birthing of bird bath
With her quieting quill
And stilled,
I thrill for the dive

Dropped in Scott's aerial bomber
Beating a rhythm
In the heart of a raven
On a flight such as this

With Mia's crystalcypher wings
Exhale pungent unlearning
In the colors she weaves
As an ethereal kaleidoscope

When Jadi asks an angel
Every question in the book...

I just had to stop and ponder
God knows I had to look
I think my search is through
Feathers are so fickle
Whether floating to the earth
Or shadows darting by
Against a bruising sky
I think my search is through.


Author's Note:
1.Norm Milliken
2.George Osbourne
3.Samuel Scion
4.Kathleen Wilson
5.Scott Utley
6.Mia Neill
7.JD Clay

*A fickle feather search

Posted on 05/11/2007
Copyright © 2021 A. Paige White

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 05/11/07 at 02:55 AM

Fascinating from start to finish, and brilliantly pulled off. I think I like 6 most of all.

Posted by Laurie Blum on 05/11/07 at 01:46 PM

I really enjoyed this. The fact that they are 7 distinct poems about 7 different subjects is actually complimented because you posted them as one.

Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 05/13/07 at 03:32 PM

I love the flourish and flash of the feathers all through this. Not only you all feathered but the other poets a feathered flock and all so appropriately quilled. Fascinating that you were able to gather them all so colorfully and succinctly soaring above and dipping into each flourishing place. Your quill carries all their colors, and your own exotic lofty mix, I am honored to be one of you, and especially look up to your "kestrel" path --I love that I had to look that up and learn a new word(it even sounds like the end of orchestral)-- a flutter from my stilled quill! Thank you.

Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 05/14/07 at 03:16 PM

I second Kathleen's comments! She has said it so well! Wonderful!

Posted by Genevieve Sturrock on 05/15/07 at 05:09 PM

this is wonder-filled and wonderful. thanks.

Posted by Maria Terezia Ferencz on 05/16/07 at 10:47 PM

So much for comparisons being odious...this is magnificent!!

Posted by Rusty C Arquette on 05/17/07 at 03:23 AM

What a grand use of language! It's like exploring a Whitman's Sampler without the lid! - RCat

Posted by Tony Whitaker on 07/19/07 at 12:49 AM

Wow, this was an unexpected clever jewel in your crown of words in birds. My favorite of yours and now in mind.

Posted by Glenn Currier on 10/30/09 at 06:47 PM

You bow right up there on the stage to your adoring audience, not for you but for them. This was fun and fanciful and enjoyed every moment. Thanks. Maybe next time a tramp into a glen? :-)

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 06/08/10 at 11:51 AM

love the music in this and as one susceptible to such music as calls out to the soul in me cannot help but succumb to its piping.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 09/12/12 at 04:53 PM

Wow! Glad I finally had a chance to read this Paige, when I was checking out your library today (for recent stuff). This is fabulous in every sense of the word, from the clearly defined separation of stanzas, to the poetics and imagery of the piece(s). Love the background also. As The Joker once said, "Where does he (Batman) get those wonderful toys?" Inserting you for Batman.

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