by Heide McAlister-Bates

If you were to
walk into a room
full of Beautiful People
they whispered
'Who is that?'
they answered
'He's nobody'
if their contraction meant
he IS nobody
they would be wrong
if their contraction meant
he HAS nobody
they would be wrong

You are somebody irreplaceable
you have me completely and always.


Author's Note: Happy birthday, darling. xxx

Posted on 05/26/2006
Copyright © 2020 Heide McAlister-Bates

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 05/26/06 at 06:23 PM

What a sweet Birthday poem, and great way of reinforcing your love and support for that someone special. I had no idea what this was building up to when I first started reading it, although when I saw the title, I thought it might be someone's age. :o)

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 05/26/06 at 10:35 PM

I had no idea where this was going, so the ending was a fun surprise. Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

Posted by Dave Fitzgerald on 05/27/06 at 11:49 PM

Hey Heide, Brilliant, my wife is 42, this is perfect, (if she asks, tell her you wrote it for her, for me lol) honestly mate, it speak volumes!

Posted by Dave Fitzgerald on 05/27/06 at 11:50 PM

PS It's in my favourites for a rainy day ;o)

Posted by Vere Mantratriad on 05/28/06 at 06:38 PM

don't you hate the "Beautiful People"? Sweet tribute. :)

Posted by Sarah Graves on 05/28/06 at 10:49 PM

A unique way to show your affections, and to put them into words. There seems to be very potent emotions put into this, and that is conveyed very well to the reader. Great read :)

Posted by Karl Waldbauer on 05/30/06 at 02:18 AM

Your sweetie is most fortunate to have you, Heide. This poem is so refreshing, so lovely.

Posted by Julie Adams on 05/30/06 at 04:34 PM

a beautiful capture of life in this poem, the snicker, the muffled comment, the slight whisper that threatens to expose, but for the cowards who utter them...well well done...your breaks are wonderful too, powerful...peace, *jewels*

Posted by Gregory O'Neill on 06/02/06 at 07:30 AM

..."they" lose again! Enjoyed this, Heide.

Posted by Michael Faraday on 06/07/06 at 03:28 AM

the meaning of Life, 42

Posted by Jared Fladeland on 07/03/06 at 08:34 PM

oooh wow. Such an amazing play on the english words. you win, check set and match. great stuff

Posted by Ann Krischus on 09/02/06 at 12:28 PM

what a beautiful gift to receive on a birthday.

Posted by Cristy M. on 01/20/07 at 01:17 AM

i really really really like this. glad i ran into it.

Posted by Lauren Singer on 04/22/08 at 01:31 AM

oh this is just perfect.

Posted by Meghan Helmich on 06/10/08 at 08:18 PM

jeez louise that's cute!

Posted by Maria Massarella on 07/15/08 at 10:44 PM

It words beautifully in the 'She-is' version too! I love the surprise in the closure and author's note...m.a

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 07/10/14 at 12:45 PM

congratulations on POTD. your poem is devastatingly beautiful.

Posted by Gail Wolper on 08/01/14 at 10:49 PM

Such a lovely and complete piece of work.

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