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A Catchy Title Would Make You Want to Read This Poem

by Bruce W Niedt


…or maybe a carnival barker:

“Hi-ya, hi-ya, step right up, ladies and gentlemen,

boys and girls of all ages,

and see the amazing acts of alliteration!

See the vigorous vagaries of verse!

See incredible imagery, sensual similes,

magnificent metaphors!

And it’s only a dollah to come inside!”


…or maybe a telemarketing technique:

“But wait! 

If you read these four stanzas in the next ten minutes,

we’ll give you a fifth stanza absolutely free!

 Call now – operators are standing by!”


…or a cinematic blurb:

“It’s the best poem I’ve read since Joyce Kilmer’s ‘Trees’!”

                                                -- Gene Shalit


No, I’ll forgo all the flash and glitter,

the trumpets and fanfare.

I’ll try to craft the best piece I can,

from humble ink and paper, or

modern-but-humble keyboard and screen,

and hope the world comes to appreciate it.


…but maybe a catchy title wouldn’t hurt….


Posted on 09/25/2003
Copyright © 2021 Bruce W Niedt

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Andrew S Adams on 09/25/03 at 12:22 AM

just as i clicked on the title, i realized i'd been duped. well, lucky me- for, this one just made me smile over and over again. this is a very wonderful, if not telling portrait of human instinct in and of itself. and to add to the wonderful irony, i've just left you a rather long comment. darn you! heh, keep it up. i'm diggin it. peace:a

Posted by Philippa Jane on 09/25/03 at 12:25 AM

:) Fantastic.

Posted by Jeanne Marie Hoffman on 09/25/03 at 01:44 AM

No it wouldn't! ...oh wait... gosh darn it! It got a smile out of me :)

Posted by Agnes Eva on 09/25/03 at 05:55 AM

hee hee hee. hook line and sinker.

Posted by Michele Schottelkorb on 09/25/03 at 01:15 PM

you got me to... :)... very entertaining... blessings...

Posted by Kristine Briese on 09/25/03 at 03:13 PM

*grinning helplessly*

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 09/25/03 at 04:21 PM

As always Bruce...JIM DANDY!

Posted by Christel Crews on 09/25/03 at 04:53 PM

hehehe.. this was great- it made me smile. thanks!

Posted by Richard Paez on 09/25/03 at 04:56 PM

I had to bite :) We've all had these thoughts when writing/posting a poem, or worse, days or weeks later when the "# of reads" tally seems to be frozen, but your style and tone hit the spot. It's this that i enjoy in reading a poem: that the writer decided to focus on idea that many people experience (but few, if any, have explored in writing) and that the resulting poem is as excellently written as this one is. Great read Bruce, thank you for sharing this. {m}

Posted by Maureen Glaude on 11/01/03 at 11:28 AM

who can't relate to this? pitching a poem like a screenwriter or his agent pitches a script for a movie? Last night when I gave some change to a kids with a unicef box, I apologized that I didn't have much handy, she went right into closing like a saleswoman by reading the box and telling me only fifty cents supplies....for a child. Boy, she was working on hallowe'en.

Posted by Kristine Briese on 11/01/03 at 05:39 PM

Still wonderful the second time through. Congrats on POTD!

Posted by Rachelle Howe on 11/01/03 at 09:59 PM

DEFINITELY great the third, fourth, and fifth time around. seein' it on the front page made me grin like whoa. GREAT pick for POTD!

Posted by Amanda J Cobb on 11/02/03 at 03:56 AM

I love this! Wonderful. Captured the different tones/approaches perfectly. Made me smile. :) Good work.

Posted by Melanie A Bennett on 07/07/04 at 03:56 AM

I like this... :) Catchy Title.. :) lol

Posted by Kara Hayostek on 08/01/04 at 06:18 AM

Clever poem, but I would like my dollah back hehehe

Posted by Joan Serratelli on 04/15/06 at 07:49 PM

Cute poem- very catchy title :-)

Posted by Anne Boulender on 05/28/06 at 11:43 AM

yeah hooks are good for titles and poems and even songs and sometimes novels. i mean what are any of those things without a hook that makes people stop and really think and even laugh sometimes.

Posted by Jean Mollett on 09/16/06 at 02:14 AM

Hi Bruce, I'm just like they others, I had to take a peek. Even without a catchy title, you've make a hit of it. Who woulda thunk? Great write. :)

Posted by Mo Couts on 07/01/11 at 12:34 PM

No, it wouldn't, but I came in anyway and loved every word despite it =)

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