Gamin and Me

by Glenn Currier

Please go to the following webpage to see this poem and a photo of Gamin: http://tocreate.net/Poetry/Poems/currier-16.htm

In an instant
across the millennia
that separate our species
she flies into my blue eyes
and I into the green depth of her soul.

Four inches long
eyes barely open
abandoned by her mother,
we found her
in a rusty shed out back,
searched the Spanish language
and found her name gamin
gah-MEEN, street urchin.

Her new mother
rousing herself at 3:00am,
nursed her drop by drop
and loved her by heart
while I slept.

I know not why
she made me her soul mate.
But when one night,
gripped by the black terror
of a forgotten abuse,
I bolted from the bed
and she cried for me
from another room,
I knew we belonged to each other.

And now 14 years later
as she begins to free
the small emerald of her life,
it is I who is lost and poor
in the beggarly streets of grief.


Posted on 09/10/2003
Copyright © 2021 Glenn Currier

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Max Bouillet on 09/10/03 at 04:30 PM

This poem is a very touching and heartfelt tribute. A wonderful read that both warms the soul and brings a tear to the eye. Very well crafted.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 09/10/03 at 04:32 PM

Knowing the story/inspiration behind this, I'd have to say excellent poetic capture Glenn.

Posted by Kate Demeree on 09/10/03 at 04:36 PM

*tears*.... Glenn I love this expression of love. Funny how we can become so entwined, and care so deeply ... rely on... and not realize it.

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 09/11/03 at 11:36 AM

there was no need for you, Glenn, to make that trip and plea before the wizard, for you already have a great big heart.

Posted by JD Clay on 09/12/03 at 12:52 PM

Your wonderfilled poem has fluttered into my heart and flies with spirit anew. Sorrowful and loving all in the same breath. Peace...

Posted by Ashok Sharda on 09/14/03 at 04:00 AM

Very emotional. I can feel you feeling since I feel as much for my MOWGLI as much you do for GAMIN. But I dont want to imagine. Its so painful. Its a beautiful tribute, Glenn. And so humane.

Posted by Charles E Minshall on 09/18/03 at 03:21 AM

They become part of the family and it is so hard to lose them...Good poem Glenn...Charlie

Posted by Michelle Angelini on 04/06/06 at 03:53 AM

Glenn, these words and emotions mean so much to me, since just a few days less than a month ago, I lost my precious Monique to cancer. While heaven and earth might separate our feline companions from us - they always remain alive in our hearts.

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