All those yesterdays

by Laura Doom

A day to remember? I don't think so.
It started too early, closed out too late,
and the filling was spread so thinly
I imagined it under the spell
of the Influencer from hell.
Still, no worries - there's always tomorrow.

Or is there?

The planet might wake, question its purpose,
its self-worth, its very existence.
"Orbiting...really? What does that mean?
A cosmic equation with no resolution?
A timeworn eliptical argument sketch?"
Once disillusion sets in, Mother Earth
dismantles herself, picks up the pieces,
rekindles her passion for earning a crust.

Then maybe the sun, displaying atypical
solar flair, will tire of its star-like status,
that burning ambition to feed us all hope;
go solo on furlough by virtue of vertigo,
lose the corona and dine on the spin-offs.

Yours truly [sincerely unfaithful]
may revisit the dark side, and bathe
in the reflective gloom foreshadowing
a new mood, that iniquitous leap
into the bottomless pit of inequity,
an under-the-counter intuitive ploy
to overcome her fear of depths,
to distance herself from conspiracy's kiss.

But that's all too obviously convoluted;
the clear and present danger to leaving
everything in abeyance for resolution
in the future is the constant possibility
that all words beginning with 't'
disappear overnight.

Imagine being stuffed
with endless yesterdays -
beyond what a stomach can ache.
An unspeakable error,
an inescapable rap,
an unpalatable absence of ruth;
sorrowed lips will swallow our eclipse.

You or I might die

or worse

simply forget about eachother.


Posted on 07/17/2020
Copyright © 2024 Laura Doom

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 07/18/20 at 04:07 PM

I've had to read this poem over several time, as there's so much to chew on here, in terms of your reflection of this relationship. Eclectic in its capture of certainty and uncertainty. Nice work!

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 07/18/20 at 04:08 PM

PS: Love the powerful ending/summation.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 07/19/20 at 05:15 AM

We've been viewing the comet Neowise the last few nights and it occurs to me it might be passing at this particular moment in time offering me/us a ride off of this rocking planet. Also have been reading about the Parker Solar Probe sneaking up on the sun for some close study. Maybe probe could lasso sun and bring it close to home to purge the nonsense we are now experiencing. Loved "rekindles her passion for earning a crust," "lose the corona (yes, please!!!) and dine on the spin-offs," "an unpalatable absence of ruth;(brilliant)". I, for one, will continue to vote for tomorrow. That many have forgotten about one another is the saddest part of this chapter - I also vote for turning the page. sigh Thanks for this poem.

Posted by Richard Vince on 07/29/20 at 02:47 PM

superb stuff, and very timely (but then, it would have been twenty years ago or more, given how long resolution has been deferred). i also thought "an unpalatable absence of ruth" was a fantastic line, but it's just a particularly sparkly specimen among a great many gems here.

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