This Human Race

by Thomas K. Hunt

We're all thrown into this human race
We all race it at our own pace
We all participate in our different ways
We're all in it until our dying day

I know for certain you just turn around,
blink your eyes then have to sit right down
You're still allowed to ask for more
You're still allowed to choose any door

I'm finally here I made it
It seems in the blink of an eye
Life has filled up all of my time
Here's a heads up in this rhyme of mine

I can't lift up my right leg
but my left leg works just fine
My right side's really torn up
I use my left now all the time

From my head down to my toenails
there's no balance between the rails
I can always count on my left
My right side always fails

Now the pain in my back doesn't take sides
I have a slight little limp that I can't hide
I've always known my left from my right
I know, look at me I'm a dreadful sight

This isn't exactly what I had planned
At least for now I can still stand
I was equally strong on my left and right
Something went wrong and here I am tonight

Excuse me while I move around in this chair
I'm trying to find the right spot over here or over there
I'm running out of comfortable positions
Believe me it's a mission

I've never been one to complain
Don't get me started when it starts to rain
It's no myth, it's not a lie
Old age happens in the blink of an eye

I never thought that I was old enough
I always thought I had plenty of time
I blinked my eyes and turned to rust
This is real, it's not just in my mind

Don't get me wrong I knew it would happen
It was all a matter of time
I may walk with a limp but I'm no gimp
I have the right frame of mind

I can still party with the best
I just need a longer rest
My right side is the cause of my pain
while my left side holds the reins

You're never too old, now that's a laugh
I only take showers, I can't get out of the bath
The hair from my temples is coming out my ears
I did't think this would happen for a few more years

There's nothing I can do but smile and greet the day
Hang on to my left side while my right gives way
I'd pinch myself but I bruise to the touch
I miss my youth
I miss it so much

I closed my eyes and opened them
I looked and had to look again
There was an old man staring back at me
and my reflection was all I could see

I know for certain you just turn around,
blink your eyes and turn upside down
You realize it isn't what it used to be
and you'll find out just like me

I blinked my eyes and it happened so fast
Proving the point we're not made to last
Take your time, go on and stretch it out
By now you know what it's all about

Love one another, love your life
Be safe and warm, free from strife
Laugh everyday, put a smile on a face
Pace yourself in this human race


Author's Note: Lyric

Posted on 12/09/2018
Copyright © 2020 Thomas K. Hunt

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 12/09/18 at 09:22 AM

Captivating commentary and self deprecating look, Thomas, at growing old from your own unique perspective. At 61, I can certainly to some of it in my own way. Kudos!

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 12/09/18 at 09:25 AM

Sorry, that should be I can certainly 'relate' to some of it.

Posted by Glenn Currier on 12/09/18 at 01:18 PM

Thomas, I sure wish I could write music and compose a tune for I could sing this one or individual stanzas every day. I chuckled several times because you hit so close to home in all of this. I like the way you fool with rhymes and don't make them your master. You seem to have an ease and fluency in them. I especially like the phrase "in the blink of an eye." For that is the very way it feels to me. I was hoping I had a few more years before I started walking with a limp, had such difficulty rising from a seated position. So your poem is very therapeutic in many ways. I've never had so much fun - with your poem - reflecting on this right side left side thing and all the rest. Then I thought about how those two sides are also a metaphor for my political and cultural stances. So much here, buddy, thanks a million. Wonderful piece!

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