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To the Women

by Chris Sorrenti

Here’s to the woman
who passed me by
for the guy
whose muscles were bigger than his brain

Here’s to the women
who yearn for equality
yet refuse to give up their double standard

Here’s to the woman
who turned me down for a date
and then said yes to the psychopath
do you think about me?
what we might have been?
on the run from his gaslighting and punches

Here’s to the ladies
who don’t say thank-you
when I hold the door open for them

Here’s to the woman
who helped me spend my hard-earned dollars
time and again
then later
turned out only to be a friend

Here’s to the girl
Who rejected me
for the guy with the college degree
whose jealous insecurity
eventually destroyed their marriage

Here’s to the women
who point their fingers
saying men this
and men that
without first taking a good look at themselves

And finally
here’s to the women
who’ll criticize me for writing this poem
to them I say
why girls?
tell me why

© 1988
First revision © 1992
Inputted and second revision © 2018

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Author's Note: Unless you’re a super sexy hunk of a man, such as the recently deceased Burt Reynolds (women want him and men want to be like him), I’m sure most guys have gone through at least one of those (as Mick Jagger put it), “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” periods. I did, and though I have no illusions as to how attractive or unattractive I am, learned at an earlier age what works and doesn’t in terms of attracting the opposite sex. My advice to lonely men yearning for Romance is to accept your physical limitations, and concentrate on what you do best. Most men (and women) have some sort of talent...interest/hobby that takes them into the real world to interact with similar “birds of a feather.” If a guy is reasonably intelligent, has a sense of humor, and talented in some way, sooner or later he/you will attract like-minded women who share your interest(s), point of view, philosophy, etc. As with everything in Life, there’s no guarantee, but if a man is patient, sooner or later he’s bound to be successful, even at Love. Unfortunately, there will always be the few who just don’t get it. With the recent rise of the Incel (Involuntarily Celibate) movement, it reminded me of a poem I wrote 30 years ago while going through the phase mentioned above. It’s perfectly natural for men and women to get frustrated and even pissed off with the opposite sex from time to time. What isn’t normal or acceptable is for men to become ‘violent misogynists’ as Incel dictates and promotes.

Posted on 09/08/2018
Copyright © 2019 Chris Sorrenti

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Glenn Currier on 09/08/18 at 08:02 PM

I think it is amazing that men and women, in view of real gender differences - emotionally etc. can ever get together. I like your explorations of the battleground, the land mines, the fault lines, and the vagaries of coupling. I just saw a Bill Maher episode last night and he too explores the need for perspective on the stark male-female issues facing our societies and cultures in the context of a possible future for Al Franken. He also had Jim Carey on and Carey spoke well of his native Canada, its health care system and the general friendliness of Canadians. It was real interesting and refreshing.

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