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Welcome to the Jungle

by Chris Sorrenti

     for Quentin Clingerman
    RIP 1932 - 2017

My way of saying Hello to the World

Who I am
Who I was
Who I might be
Could become

But the world doesn’t always answer back
At least not right away

I have several friends there
188 at last count
The number goes up
Sometimes it goes down
Depending on various variables

Some have friended me
Others I’ve friended
That’s right
At their request
Yet never comment on anything I post
Though I comment on theirs
No thanks
No Likes
Which bothers me
But not that much
Life is too short to get caught up in such things
Especially when you’re pushing past sixty

Been unfriended only once
So far
A local gal and fellow poet no less
We got caught up in a political argument during the last election
She was pro Liberal
Me pro Conservative

She suffered from Harper Derangement Syndrome
And I mean hated him with a passion
I called her on it
Told her she was being neurotic

She said listen
I don’t mind intelligent political discussion and debate
But draw the line at insults (now who’s calling the kettle black???)
Told her I was being honest
Wasn’t meant as an insult
She unfriended me anyway

Good riddance

Some I have to unfriend
Out of the blue asking for money
When beforehand rarely or never talked

Or those who take Life too seriously
The last one an American hating Bible thumper

Been propositioned once...by a guy in Pakistan
Another poet
Asked if he ever came to Canada if we could sleep together
I said that I was flattered but not into men
We’re still friends but rarely talk now

And that’s about it

Facebook is a reflection of the world at large
Some sane
Some partially mad (guess I could fit into this category)
Still others lunatics in every sense of the word
Good people...bad
Gold diggers and con artists...

Once won the Mark Zukerberg lottery
Over a million dollars the pretty lady told me
FBI approved and IRS monitored
Just had to send her $200 to cover processing fees
How do you think I responded?

A lot of bad spelling and grammar
Proof read people
Proof read!!!

© 2018

920 hits as of June 2024


Posted on 02/28/2018
Copyright © 2024 Chris Sorrenti

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Brian Francis on 02/28/18 at 06:43 PM

I think Quentin would appreciate this piece. I know I like it. I will forever miss the humble integrity of his insights. Nice work on this --bf

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 03/01/18 at 04:28 AM

I think Quentin would really like this one, Chris, as do I.

Posted by Maria Massarella on 03/06/18 at 02:09 AM

I like what you have shared of your Facebook experience in this poem, Chris. Quentin would have liked this. I miss him and other dear poet-friends who have passed away...and miss the lovely atmosphere that once was PPS. Thank you.

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