by Philip F De Pinto

what is meaning
trying to say
to convey
that is neither here
nor dear
nor anywhere
but it is air
a goad
to nothing
but paving road
to nowhere
always paying heed
what it deserves
but never
a wage that is fair

what is the meaning
of that and this
tower which lean
lacking spleen

the meaning of grass
aka weed
or your striking a match
on your baby's ass
which was smooth as glass
thinking ignition to achieve
then the toke
as will inebriate the bloke
not to mention the lass

and the half mad driven loon
riding Miss Hood puffing and huffing
keeping vigil on the watch
four tenths hidden up your hairy sleeve
but to declare you are
too early or too late
for the coming or going
or right on time
as you would have been
save the watch was not made by the Swiss
and although a Ma'am and Sir infer
they are no match
for correct or incorrect time
they always know
the right rhyme

what is the meaning
of a quarter to free
but you are nearly there
or at liberty to stand
on your head or hand
sit in a chair
or haunch
leap in the air
or seek to be debonair
by waxing and waning your hair
and exclaiming I do declare
I am no where near being debonair
or do neither of these
if you so desire
nor strum a lyre
but set this ode on fire

what is the meaning
of Leo's last sup
the thirteen diners not able
but to sit on one side of the table
of making a wish
on a star fish
or a well
which is just so sick
of your siphoning it dry
so why don't you cry
in lieu of wishing
and filler up

so as to clip the wings
of flying fish
as would assure
their seeking stature
over allies and foes
not to mention the lure
which would hook him for sure
if it is not up on its toes
so the fisherman can prove yet again
that everything tastes like chicken
including flying fish

what is the meaning
of beginning?
to what end
will you have me
have me remain
sensible or
on the incomprehensible?

what is the meaning
or lack thereof
including love?
that the so called heart to get
should be made target
as would have you pulling back
the string on your bow
and never letting go?


Posted on 01/25/2017
Copyright © 2020 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 01/27/17 at 04:30 AM

So many fine phrases here, Philip, giving meaning a run for my money and worth every word.Thanks!

Posted by Johanna May on 03/28/17 at 09:25 PM

There is a stream of consciousness feel to this poem, the last stanza is stunning

Posted by Elizabeth Shaw on 12/21/17 at 05:05 AM

I love this... written in that dreamy language that sperms poetry you big beautiful moby ... xo for happy holidays and good health in 2018...thank you for your words they keep me company...

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