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Partisan - Not!

by Chris Sorrenti

Due to slight deviations from left and right of center
I’ve never been one to say:
“My parents voted for so and such,
my grandparents the same,
and so then will I.”

Because leaders and platforms change over the years
There’s no such thing as a perfect party
Red white and blue mix together
In varying ways at various times
Sometimes for the better – other times not

A politician is only good as his or her word
Never trust those who can’t give a straight answer
Beat around the bush of a clear question
Twist the truth to their own ends – surreptitiously lie
Or go back on an election promise without just cause
The citizens’ responsibility to be aware of the facts
On any given issue – research – research!

Myself -
Traditionally a fiscal conservative with liberal leanings
A budget is a budget whether at home or high office
Only so much tax money to go around
With no room for policies based on ‘pie in the sky’ ideologies
And dead against the ‘nanny state’ ...the road to Communism
There’s a line that governments must never cross
In terms of intrusion in voters’ lives
Otherwise it’s not freedom
My own libertarianism showing through

As for election campaigns
Mud slinging never goes out of fashion
And beware those in debate who will not let an opponent speak
Many offenders hiding behind the guise of Political Correctness
To silence free speech
More recently our universities filled with these ‘do gooders’

Never forget that politicians are only human
With the same strengths and weaknesses as the rest of us
If one is corrupt or makes a bad personal decision
Based on greed – cry of ‘entitlement’
In the end the truth will always comes out
Sadly all too often after millions...billions of tax dollars wasted
And when an issue is before the courts
No matter how high up who orders it
Civil servants do not have the right to destroy public records
Those found guilty punished to the full extent of the law

Finally in conclusion
When political philosophy isn’t balanced with common sense
Then it becomes fanaticism – and dangerous to the many
The path to dictatorship by one or more individuals

One need only turn to history for examples on all of the above

© 2015

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Posted on 07/05/2015
Copyright © 2021 Chris Sorrenti

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 07/05/15 at 09:13 PM

Well laid out look at personal politics while exploring politics in general. Thanks, Chris. Timely, as we here in the states gear up for another presidential election.

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