Interjected Release

by Philip F De Pinto

He loved you
As a lark looming
Down from its aerie

Save you were immersed in
Bundles and fathoms of earth
Which wasn't much of a marriage

But it was deep
And a challenge
To extricate from

This earthen hubby o' yours
Who promised to retain
And to nurse and amuse
You for better or worse

Till the glittering spade in the eyes
Of your lover topside
Interjected release
Which is to say
He dug you unconditionally

But such would be the digging
It would leave the hubby
She is leaving for good
Vacuous with echo and longing

And so what is to be done
In such case as a hubby will be missing
His bride to the bone
Who makes soft moan
But substitute subtle stone

The soft acreage it would take
To erect another babbling edifice
Such is the power of love's extradition
To filling in reasonable facsimile
As would away with his love to the ether


Posted on 11/02/2014
Copyright © 2022 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 11/02/14 at 04:28 PM

This is a lovely ode of longing and loss, Philip. Walking through a huge cemetery near Hilo recently I was reminded once again how each culture (Japanese, Korean, as examples) seems to choose its own style of headstone and remembrance. We need to touch something solid, perhaps?, that bears the beloved name.

Posted by Clara Mae Gregory on 11/04/14 at 02:41 PM

*stellar* [this excellent expression of loss and coping and unique reference of our creator's role in it all, leaves me in sad awe...and a reminder of what I dread most in my own life....hugs, Philip]

Posted by June Labyzon on 12/13/14 at 03:16 PM

I know it is hard to have love and have it taken away. But, I must say that your love taken away has rendered you capable of writing some of the most beautiful odes to love I have ever read. Not so much before the losing. I am loving your writing even more than I did before. And, therefore I love you, my friend, for you are your words.

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