Taking Oneself Hostage

by Philip F De Pinto

The sky is dressed to kill
Or maim or both
Or squat and spill its guts
Of thunder'bolts and nuts

A detonation of fused dialogue
A jousting of beaks converging upon a window sill

What appears looming through a fog's alizarin hue
Is sloth to exchange places with glue -
A moon or star's as is affixed to
Your perfect test paper as will not set
Or fail to rhyme in a child's lifetime

Through the soft hermitage
Of your lamp black mouth issue out
Your tongue's flying carpet
Taken mine on as passenger or hostage

A spell as was ever cast upon a sea
The hook line and sinker of which
Was never at liberty to hawk or pitch
Such rhetoric as would decree it free
Of ransom as one cannot afford to redeem oneself

Such were your webbed feet and hands
As would in their indebtedness to self
Continue ad infinitum to print the sands
Waxing counterfeit and waving upon your delicacy
Intricate with tufts of recollection as squall upon a brow
As will stomp in the here and now
Make jam of that low lying sun o'mine
Spread out like red sheets across horizon


Posted on 09/13/2014
Copyright © 2023 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 09/13/14 at 10:51 PM

Striking images, weathering the word storms, the weaving of rhyme and "reason" with a lot of keenimagination gives one red in the morning "sailors' warning" or red at night "sailors' delight".

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 09/14/14 at 09:26 PM

Your sky doesn't mess around, Philip - I love these images of its energy. I adore that charged first stanza,the "jousting of beaks". That last stanza is intriguing and those last two lines leave this poem glowing (I'll never think of jam the same). Thanks for this!

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