Her Master's Voice

by Philip F De Pinto

Azure to azure
My trove my treasure
Prior your donning the ether
And offing on waves toward make believe
I could not of loneliness conceive
Having no predisposition to such
But was merely parroting the word ( lonely )
Over and over as would a green Macau
Overhearing its master's voice

I am lonely chirps the man
Oh but a bird is lonely too!
Though it could not comprehend the condition in human terms
Nevertheless from blue moon to blue rise
She chirps for her paramour
Thankful for having taken upon her beak
Such as are symphonic and poetic and profound to speak
Albeit not understood

And who knows ponders the she bird
If such symphonies as we cannot comprehend in human terms
Are twittered enough
My master may see fit
Having heard his loneliness played back to him
To breach my confinement a bit
That I might don the ether
And off on waves toward make believe?

At any rate
That I might join my mate
But such is avian fate
As he will not ( or cannot )
As would make him the lonelier still
Lest my master is thinking in reductive terms
As will have him reduced to a size wee'nuff
To share this confinement with and perch and chirp
Lord knows there is room enough for two twittering
Such profound and poetic symphonies

As they would be fortunate to have taken upon their beaks
As they could not comprehend in human terms
Lest they dispense with such altogether
And meet bird eye to bird eye
And bill and coo azure moon to azure rise
As will have them discover the breach in themselves
As they cannot now conceive
As will have them donning the ether in time
And offing on waves toward make believe


Posted on 08/05/2014
Copyright © 2023 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by A. Paige White on 08/05/14 at 09:27 PM

This is a wonderful rendering and continuation of a theme God has filled my day with. I had a perfect dictionary description dropped on my studying and now a Perfect Pathetic #dictionarydescription Thanks man! Awesome

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 08/05/14 at 10:13 PM

Beautiful allegory Phil, carried along with colorful prose that flesh out the feathers of longing, but also reunification.

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