To Bleed Solo

by Philip F De Pinto

In a day dream
Not far removed
From pillow
We billow and heed not
I - Pads or smart phones
Rather - We are giving them the silent treatment
Which leaves us at liberty
To clasp hands and lips
Swirling and whipping up their lather
On sugar cones
No easy trick
To combine the two
And give each
A simultaneous lick
And as we skip to our lou
You are not off on your cuff
And your meandering to leave
Is only a bluff

But that is the day's dream
And this the night's
As we have resumed heeding
I - Pads and smart phones
And rather are giving ourselves the silent treatment
No longer clasping hands
And holding fast
On our high wire act
From which you fell
Made you a glad flake and shiek
As would never think to splatter or stick
Not of a mind
But of a feather
To tickle to shuck
More pearls
To venture from their duct
And I am a slit wrist to tuck
In its sleeve
To bleed solo
As you will not heed
My call
Not to fall
Away from me

Thus I am left
A high wire act
Which never felt so low
And so I leapt too and wept
Since you left
The shards held fast
If only you had
You'd still be my shiek chick
And we'd as yet be clasping hands
And lips
Whipping up lather
To swirl on sugar cones
No easy trick
To combine the two
Give a simultaneous lick


Posted on 03/30/2014
Copyright © 2022 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 03/30/14 at 09:00 PM

As always Phil, your command of the language leads to exciting new word combos and sub-messages within the overall.

Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 04/07/14 at 06:59 PM

Some keen "literary" allusions in this fascinating look at romance.

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