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Chasing the Hour or Ode to Daylight Savings Time

by Sandy M. Humphrey

In darkness crept the silent thief
So swift did the infraction occur
No eyelash did blink
A toe did not wiggle
Dogs did not bark
Babies did not cry
What was here was now gone
In less than a twinkling of the eye

From shore to shore it was missing
In houses and condos
Apartments and lofts
Storefronts and garages
Parks and cafes
Churches and truck stops
All were trying to catch up with the loss
Of something they had just the day before

They tried to find it on the cell phone
The TV or DVR
Microwave and oven
Hall clock and Mantel
Timex and Seiko
Car clock and bedside alarm
Some automatically set but others required help
Springing forward to the moment that had disappeared

I chased it all day, as I couldn’t quite get there
For the laundry did not know it had one less
Hour to wash and dry
The dishes did not know
One less hour to cycle
The floor did not know
One less hour to be swept
Errands did not know
One less hour to be ran
That still left grocery shopping, dinner made, emails answered
And lets not get started on Monday and how behind I was then

So I am still chasing that hour
That just disappeared
In a flash
a blink
a wink
My biological clock asks me in the morning
What are you thinking you still have one more?
I guess it cannot see from under the pillow
When there is daylight left it doesn’t get the urge
To farm or plow or bring in sheaths
Do not mess with the norm as far as I am concerned
Leave my day as it is
my biological clock and I will rest assured
No spring forward or fallback
Just let us be.


Author's Note: I hear Hawii does not participate, who would not want to live there anyway...:) aloha

Posted on 03/10/2009
Copyright © 2020 Sandy M. Humphrey

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gregory O'Neill on 03/10/09 at 08:36 PM

I wonder, when the hour returns come fall....will it be the same hour? And more importantly, will it bring with it the same inspiration its loss has given you here? I can only hope. Nice write. Thanks.

Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 03/10/09 at 08:38 PM

Heh. Indeed. Nice work.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 03/11/09 at 04:46 AM

It truly does feel like a silent thief! Hey, Arizona is also sane, I hear. I enjoyed this - really captures that sense of senseless loss. :)

Posted by Mary Frances Spencer on 03/11/09 at 05:51 AM

I'm still missing that lost hour. Do we have to wait until Fall to find it? It's like we all have a bit of jet lag... MFS

Posted by Joan Serratelli on 03/11/09 at 12:44 PM

The "missing" hour has screwed everyone up (especially babies and animsls. I get up early in the morning. I WAMT it to be light out! Timely write (no pun intended!) I definitely realate to this fun read Excellent as usual!

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 03/11/09 at 04:51 PM

Witty stuff Sandy...very well presented! I sure can relate to this; that first day with the missing hour is always the toughest, even if it's a Sunday.

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