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700 billion

by Mary Frances Spencer

this bucket was leaking
a long time ago

silver gold it’s all
gone digital
flat lined screens
falling houses like cards
borrow some more
tape can’t hold it all

so pour another
and print up some greens
go forth


test the water
before you get in
because we are over here
in the


Author's Note: I wonder what the other people in the world think of us and our 700 billion dollar "bail out"??? MFS

Posted on 09/24/2008
Copyright © 2022 Mary Frances Spencer

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 09/24/08 at 05:02 PM

IMO this is one of your best so far MF. Adds to favorites. As per the subject, one more reason glad I don't live in the USA.

Posted by Laurie Blum on 09/24/08 at 07:22 PM

Well put MFS! As for the current situation...Eh such is life. We've been through worse! I love living here. Excellent poem!

Posted by Joe Cramer on 09/24/08 at 07:55 PM

MFS! This is wonderful! Exceptionally well done....

Posted by George Hoerner on 09/25/08 at 12:41 AM

Nice thoughts lady. My fear is that, like with war in Iraq, we will rush to fix something by useing a hammer when a little tiny screwdriver is what we need to use and you and I will be left holding the nail when the hammer hits the wall.

Posted by Alison McKenzie on 09/25/08 at 01:40 AM


Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 09/28/08 at 09:39 PM

I love the way you carry the watery image through from the leaking bucket, "pour another", "test the water" to the "drowning in the American Dream". Also amusing playfulness as well, with maxims and sayings like "test the water...etc" and "go forth.." I like the form of the poem too, like cards falling down, or a waterfall. There's a sense a wry humor as well as a finiancial "report" in your poem. I forgot to give you my written comments Friday at our workshop, so here they are.

Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 09/29/08 at 06:21 AM

Probably about the same as they usually do. Heh. Great point well made.

Posted by Charles E Minshall on 10/02/08 at 06:44 PM

Well put Mary....CharMin

Posted by Sandy M. Humphrey on 10/02/08 at 10:18 PM

Great imagery and metaphor for a current fiscal crisis...smh

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 10/03/08 at 03:29 PM

Well done. There's got to be a life jacket in here somewhere. Yes, what do "they" think?

Posted by Tony Whitaker on 10/06/08 at 04:06 PM

Loved this look at what's waiting for us - like the soup lines on Wall Street almost 80 years ago. I loved your humor on a serious subject.

Posted by Maria Terezia Ferencz on 10/07/08 at 01:30 PM

100 years from now this will be read as a sign of the times social statement. Well written a love letter to Wall Street...

Posted by Jennifer Ragan on 10/08/08 at 12:44 AM

I think they think that we don't think about anything but the dollar

Posted by George Hoerner on 11/19/11 at 12:58 AM

Wow!! I just realized we could have used that money by giving each of the 7 billion people now on earth $100 and maybe that would jump start the worlds economy.

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