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Clearing out the Closet

by Darren Swift

It has to be done, must be done.
He breathes her in, she is in here,
hiding deep among the dresses.
If he digs long enough he will find
the essence of her, coat-hanger held.

Silk slides through his fingers into
the waiting sack, the smell of her rises,
tantalising, teasing. He must come across
her soon. Denim drops, then cotton,
then leather, then wool, then silence.

She is not here, never was, had never
sat here between summer and winter
divides. Grief rages and he wrestles
the closet to the floor, through his tears
a new realisation dawns...

He lays down in the closet, inhales the wood
wonders if this is how she feels now...


Posted on 03/24/2007
Copyright © 2022 Darren Swift

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Michelle Angelini on 03/24/07 at 05:21 AM

James, this is so sad. I'm not sure what to say. But I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I can feel the emotional shredding in this one.

Posted by Tony Whitaker on 03/24/07 at 08:34 AM

Moved to tears. That says it all to me. Excuse me while I put this in my faves!

Posted by Maureen Glaude on 03/24/07 at 09:43 AM

so real and vivid, stirring and yes, sad but sweet.

Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 03/25/07 at 07:19 AM

Incredible poem. What is unsaid is only rivaled by what is said here. The moment of realization amazing in concept and expression. A brave, poignant and finely written poem, from repetitive introspective musical beginning to powerful end.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 03/26/07 at 02:31 PM

Heartwrenching experience and resulting piece of writing James. Superbly expressed!

Posted by Elizabeth Jill on 03/27/07 at 11:59 AM

From the depths - I feel this poem.

Posted by Alison McKenzie on 04/21/07 at 03:54 PM

She was not her body, and she isn't now, though it was those lips that smiled, those arms that held, that voice that laughed. It's the hardest thing. *crying*

Posted by Dave Fitzgerald on 11/30/08 at 01:30 PM

I could smell the wood... Congrats on POTD

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 11/30/08 at 03:31 PM

Deeply moving POTD!

Posted by Nicole D Gregory on 11/30/08 at 05:59 PM

What a writing! So moving, I don't know how to comment because you've captured a moment in the making of a story where I really do want to know the past history. Nicely done. Congrats on POTD! ~N

Posted by Angela Nuzzo on 12/01/08 at 03:24 AM

It's amazing what the sense of smell can bring up, isn't it? This is beautiful & heart-wrenching. It made me think of how my mom must have felt after my dad died. Very well done! :)

Posted by Linda Fuller on 07/07/10 at 11:36 PM

Beautifully sad poem - the end is wrenching.

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