In The Black

by Leslie Ann Eisenberg

I can’t believe I have a crush
You smile and my heart takes flight
Tickle my skin, helpless I blush

You turn me into tongue-tied mush
It’s been so long this delight, ah
I’m far too old to have a crush

Honey-lust your lips all aflush
Tart on my tongue, your flesh to bite
Tickle my skin, helpless I blush

Help my racing heart to hush when
Your brawny limbs ripple with might
I’m too prudent to have a crush

Sugar my soul, yes in a rush
In your arms I dance with delight
Tickle my skin, helpless I blush

My dreams wash ashore in a gush
Hope does breathe in my breast so bright
It’s not too late (don’t stop) to have a crush
Tickle my skin, surrendered I blush


Author's Note: Villanelle in quatrameter

Posted on 08/07/2006
Copyright © 2021 Leslie Ann Eisenberg

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Elizabeth Jill on 08/07/06 at 04:55 PM

You have described the sensation sensationally!

Wonderful and blushy in the thrill!
sammssimo! Jill

Posted by Maria Terezia Ferencz on 08/08/06 at 01:47 AM

Perfect descriptions of what this feels like, well said....lovin it.

Posted by Julie Adams on 08/08/06 at 05:01 PM

what an interesting read...well formed and executed...a pleasure to read, truly...the 2nd to last line snagged me: Its not too late (dont stop) to have a crush...for some reason reading it as follows made it flow a little easier: "Don't stop, it's not too late to have a crush"(??--just throwing it out there, not sure if it would mess with your form or beat measurements)...regardless, this piece made me blush, well done...my very best, *jewels*

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 08/10/06 at 04:26 AM

I love that you blush - this is a great read. "It's not too late (don't stop)....." you are right at the fingertips of this wonderful crush.

Posted by Jared Fladeland on 08/11/06 at 05:03 AM

ha. this made me blush

Posted by Christel Crews on 08/12/06 at 12:15 AM

what a great description of such a horribly great feeling!

Posted by Kyle Anne Kish on 08/12/06 at 04:29 AM

"Tickle my skin, helpless I blush" ... no, no one is never to old to have a crush. I felt all the sensation reading your poem and I think, even at my age, I have a crush at least twice a month. :)

Posted by Karl Waldbauer on 08/13/06 at 09:42 PM

How fortunate for both of you! Thanks for such an enjoyable read, Leslie.

Posted by Ashok Sharda on 08/22/06 at 01:45 AM

'surrendered I blush'...well, I ended up laughing despite all couplings of crush/mush/lust aflush/hush gush and rush, eventuating into 'blush'. The scene came so alive in black and white.

Posted by JJ Johnson on 09/01/06 at 08:27 AM

One thing I am sure of, you're never too old and it's never too late. The heart never grows tired of love as the tongue never tires of sugar, it's only the mind that gets fed up with it, haha! But never tell a man your ticklish; it can only lead to uncontrollable laughter JJ

Posted by Steven Kenworthy on 09/06/06 at 11:36 AM

you can have crushes until you're 100 and that my dear is the beauty of affection. never give up on passion and it won't give up on you i say. you seem shy or timid about this affinity though, which to that i would say...let go & smile about it. the blushing speaks volumes, though a woman like yourself should stick out her chest and spout off something like, "that's right, you heard me". be proud of your warm, beating heart. i am crazy about mine. smile big, you're alive.

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