A Vector of Emotion

by Steven Craig

Many of us encounter a time of great emotion. When there we need all the energy that we can summon. We will always make the attempt to get by, but always it comes to the point. We must act, we must do what we must, or lose ourselves to a still darker end.

Many of us are tired. We need a space, a time to engage the engines of recovery, the emotional space that has no known harbor, no safe base that is inviolate. We make of it a unique space and time for ourselves, each of their own account. We may often miss that safe harbor, for the storm presses us onwards in the direction of the prevailing winds of our times and our lives. We have made a direction that can not be changed easily. We have made a port only a distant hope. We do this to ourselves so readily. We do it out of love.

Love carries such a penalty for such a small chance at having hopes fulfilled. We will sacrifice and die for a shadows chance in the noonday sun that we can find the source of this desire we seek. We give in hope of it being understood. We give in need to fill a void within us. We give in desire to have it accepted for what it so dearly proves to be. We give, and do not count the costs until it overwhelms us. Only then, do we pay.

It is always the truth that hurts us the most, for we always have a need to hide from it. It is always the facts that hurt us most, for we have worked and paid the dear token to change it all to our will. It is always our own desires that have been cut most deeply, for we always seek to serve another’s dreams at the expense of our own. And we do this gladly, if only the target of our joy were to but notice just this one time, see us just this one time as we truly are. Bleeding in vain desire.

From the outside, another sees only the folly. From the nearer side, one is blinded by the passion, the source of which is rarely understood even by so much as one other. There it lies, like blood on the carpet, the need to give and love. And it seems to be cast away as a hopeless cloud on a windswept shore. Such is the depth that one will go to love the object of her determination. A mighty battle that you would surely win, were it only to be accepted at simple value.


Posted on 06/25/2006
Copyright © 2024 Steven Craig

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 07/22/06 at 04:24 PM

Thought provoking piece that I can strongly relate to in many ways. Well spoken!

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 12/26/12 at 06:45 PM

a beautiful and profound piece of writing that nibbles nibbles at the truth and therefore life.

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