I wish my life is a fairytale

by Rommel Cruz

Sometimes, I wish my life is a fairytale.

Dragons of dreadful deeds
Writhe with each thrust of my sword
As my band of trusted friends
Shield me with their loyalty's
Diamantine armor.

Love's sweet embrace
Engulfs my once desolate existence
With a torrent of emotions:
The mild, the extremes,
And everything in between.

That no matter how desperate
My darkness becomes
I still have a sun that shines,
A rainbow to climb,
A pot of gold to find.

Sometimes, I wish my life is a fairy tale.
No one ever grows old.
Everyone lives happily ever after.

But my life is far from it.
And my wish will remain
A dream.


Author's Note: Was reading old poems of mine and saw a comment from Quentin Clingerman. He said, and I quote, "In fairytales no one every grows old; they live happily everafter!"

Posted on 01/03/2006
Copyright © 2021 Rommel Cruz

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Mary Ellen Smith on 01/05/06 at 11:12 PM

A truely inspired poem. Life is all too real sometimes..

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 03/28/06 at 03:28 PM

I hear you brother. In our poems though we can live the fairy tale.

Posted by Rhyana Fisher on 12/12/07 at 08:09 PM

all fairytales didn't have happy endings. particularly if you look to the secondary characters. if you think about what probably happened next, the main characters weren't that well off either. cinderella - guy marries her cuz she has small feet and a pretty face, what happens when her arches fall and the wrinkles evolve? sleeping beauty - one kiss and he takes her back home and marries her, ha even the old stories admit her mother-in-law was an ogre and the husband was never home. these fairy-tales get played out daily if you look at the metaphors behind them.

and count your blessings, heh. (that being said, you do have a point. there's something to be said for the ye old days when you could off your witchy mother-in-law in the name of deserved justice and be considered a hero instead of criminal. but i don't think that's quite what you meant?)

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