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I Dare You To Tell Me (The Truth, I Mean)

by Amy Wustrin

What is it...
Why is it
That when all I crave in the world
Is love...
When sex couldnt be any less important to me
If I had my cunt sewed shut voluntarily
That I only meet horny, commitment-phobic men?
Is it some kind of joke?
Is God trying to be ironic?
He should stick to his day job.
Should I blame Porn Stars
for making relationships look lame?
"Girls Gone Wild" videos?
Britney "slut-bag" Spears?
And I'm not prticularly attractive
So really, where's the thrill?
Do you go tell your stupid friends
About how you fucked that fat chick last night?
Or does it become your dirty little secret?
Your moment of shame?
Just leave me alone.
You can't make me cum anyway.
Others have tried and failed.
(You know what they say...You have to do it yourself)
So what's the point, huh?
Why do I always get picked for casual sex?


Author's Note: Whatever. Its more of a rant. An I'm-about-to-lose-my-mind-if-one-more-guy-tries-to-get-into-my-pants-before-learning-my-last-name rant. And before anyone makes some smart-ass remark with "Wustrin" in it, know that Amy Wustrin is not my real name, and SPARE ME!

Posted on 10/20/2004
Copyright © 2021 Amy Wustrin

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kyle Anne Kish on 10/20/04 at 02:43 AM

Good ranting and I'm glad you got that off your chest. By the way, you're NOT the only one who gets picked on for casual sex. It just feels like you are. Oh, and forget about blind dates, meeting someone in church or that sweet guy your Aunt wants to introduce you to. Sometimes ... such guys just seem to come out of the woodwork. Been there, done that. :)

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