by Rula Shin

secret fears imbibed, uncivilized
intention realized in
deliberate releases, yet
half revealed, the beast gone
wisely astray so to speak, as
Ripper wields his smile
upon the prey and delivers
his point with sharp sarcasm
thrust between the lines

for pleasure’s sake he
halves his mind in
swift response aware, as
charming dr. jekyll hydes
within his very chest, look

how nature's fiends roam free this Earth to
sing their brutal songs, and fearless too no doubt!
and just like all his fellow creatures
dripping raw, he laughs at fools who blindly
trade their Nature’s tide and doing so
suppress the very dawn for
whims of future heights,

who says ‘the best is yet to come!?’

ironic gesture when Time we
claim as precious cargo,
as if to dare not cross
the line we draw ourselves is
fare to tread the heavens!
so what that sins sustained by
crosses buckle fast in dreams?
still this Nature breeds a thousand
ills Divine, for deadly deeds
take solid root in Nature's
loving arms, and bear the bitter
fruit of hardened seeds to
stand the test of Time!


Posted on 08/11/2004
Copyright © 2023 Rula Shin

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Alison McKenzie on 08/11/04 at 06:28 PM

I find your exploration here chock full of courage. I don't want to know how the monster thinks, and yet, if I am to understand that we are all part of the whole, shall I turn my head away from part of my-self? Further still, how do I tolerate those events sharing the same moment with me....BEING in MY VERY MOMENT? Ok, I've dived too deep, I need to take a breath....

Posted by Traci Mabats on 08/12/04 at 04:42 PM

well you captured your subject quite nicely Rula. Well done.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 08/13/04 at 01:52 AM

Love the tone and style of this one Rula, as if poetry from a bygone century, and yet chillingly oh so current, knowing new wolves are always on the prowl.

Posted by Ashok Sharda on 08/14/04 at 05:23 PM

This seems to be reflecting the very essence of the Nature manifesting in the satisfaction of the survival instinct as against the concept of the greater goodness, from the point of view of a Monster, who in a sense, is an outsider, philosophically. They are outsiders because they find them selves unfit in this so-called unreal world. These monsters are basically untamed natural animals, outsiders by essence, philosophically speaking, who shall feel pity for the rest of us who suppress their natural inclination, who acts against their own grainhe laughs at fools who blindly trade their Natures tide and doing so suppress the very dawn for whims of future heights, But this is not just for the pleasure of a simpleton, driven by the pleasure instinct but by a conscious response of the Jack the Ripper, isolated, estranged and indifferent to any concept of the so called greater goodness, which falls in the domain of the acquired personality. This monster is not as indifferent as the indifferent outsider Meursault is, (Letranger by Albert Camus), who doesnt even care nor care to know Mother died today. Or may be yesterday, I cant be sure, who kills in the same indifferent manner a person he has nothing against. Their sense of unreality is so strong that one fails to adjust to the unreal world and act as their natural instinct lead them to at any given point of time. These monster arent like an intellectual outsider, like Nihilists, who would come up with a long philosophical justification, justifying their acts, nor these monster looks like an emotional outsider we find in the great male dancer Nijinsky, nor does they looks like an observing outsider like the unnamed hero of Henri Barbusse ( LEnfer)who remains an anonymous observer all through. Are they like the cold monster Raskolnikov (hero of Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment) who hates all kind of human weaknesses, human adjustments to the unreal, all kind of wretchedness. He simply kills to feel the strength of his very being. These monster needs some kind of a emotional shock (emotional because they lack FEELINGS and not intellect. Most of the outsiders are more than average as far as intellect is concerned. Some of them are real genius) as raskilnikov received in the hands of Sonia. While Sonia read him the story of raising Lazarus he felt he too could rise from the dead. And yes, These Monsters need the healing touch of love.

Posted by Max Bouillet on 08/16/04 at 03:25 PM

Truly epic undertaking --and yes, time is the greatest monster of all time. It cuts far deeper than Jack or Jeckyl. It lays waste to us all. An indiscriminate killer. And yet, do we truly die? Are we all actually the monster (a collective monster) trying enslave and alter the nature of time or Nature for that matter? Exquisite reading that will continue to make me think long after the window has been closed.

Posted by Laura Doom on 08/21/04 at 11:11 PM

This style feels strangely familiar - makes me wonder if you've written some kind of a hybrid parody/tribute here...
heavily laden with irony (mmm - delicious :) & an engrossing perspective on 'civilisation'...the lesser of two evils?

Posted by JD Clay on 09/06/04 at 02:50 PM

You have awakened the biological clock by exposing its ominous tick. But time is shelved when Nature beckons in an endless string of present moments, like a handful of pearls. Whereupon, the best is yet to come, then translates to, each one more precious than the last. Thanks for the monstrous wake up call, Rula...pe4ce

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 09/14/04 at 03:53 PM

such eloquence as is rare to drip off pen, you drip. call it ambrosia. monsters, indeed resident in us all as do the masters and in between is sandwitched the sufferer of both. will the sufferer e'er escape, what will it be today, monster monsters master or master masters monster or sufferer outmonsters, outmasters both?

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