Deep Beneath the Clear Blue

by Rula Shin

deep beneath the clear blue
my weightless body strains,
ruthless mass of liquid might
gradually I fly against

I shake my head in disbelief
assembling scattered selves within
the brutal laws of fluid flight
gradually I soar against

riding tides of gentle pull
losing weight I plunge down deep
diving for just a single glimpse,
a hopeful vision of yours to keep

Time maintains its pace above
though down here it measures slow,
I breathe to sink in search of treasure
where blue turns black and cold

itÂ’s here I find you
deep in your bronze skin
alive, isolated and struggling
battling the inevitable

itÂ’s here that we meet
when all the expanse of blue
turns into an infinite Island
made of me and you

breathlessly we glide
in slow motion strides
waiting for the sacred
incredible loving collide

firmly entwined we breathe as one
drawn together like magnets in their field
helplessly hurling into watery space
together in oneness, within

we feed

the inevitable motion is set
when one pulse melds to two
a single entity is now our ocean,
WE ARE the clear deep blue


Author's Note: together and ever-expanding, this patient cavernous Sea is now an eternal Island made of us…

Posted on 04/26/2004
Copyright © 2024 Rula Shin

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Ashok Sharda on 04/26/04 at 02:40 AM

This world of watery space looks imaginative on the surface but sounds so real ‘ Deep beneath the clear blue’. A world with in a world. The gravity is too obtrusive on the surface but what matters is the lightness of being in the ‘deep’ The struggle is inevitable between the gravity and the levity, between the dark and the light, against the brutal laws, barricading the ‘flight’.’Riding on the ‘tides of gentle pull’ for just a single glimpse’ looks like a driving force resulting into a ‘meet… when all the expanse of blue turns into an infinite Island made of me and you’ for that ‘sacred incredible loving collide’. The ultimate ONENESS. . What does the loving collide do in the lightness of being in this world of the ‘clear deep blue’, a world within a world? ‘The inevitable motion is set’. The charge of the refined energies is supreme, ‘when one pulse melds to two’ firmly entwined we breathe as ONE drawn together like magnets……… together in ONENESS, within’, The observer and the observed is one, They are a ‘single entity’. ‘WE are the clear deep blue.’ The subject and the object both forming a single WE, the clear deep blue. Duality has no place here. WHAT IS is WHAT IS. ‘The clear deep blue’.

Posted by Beth K Hannah on 04/26/04 at 03:29 AM


Posted by Michele Schottelkorb on 04/26/04 at 02:14 PM

oh, i love this... believe it or not, this is my husband and i... and we just realized this in the past week after nearly six years... this is the beauty of poetry, is it not?... to find yourself in another's words, thoughts and feelings?... i love the fluid beauty to this that is written in a more dark way, rather than fluffy... this is beauty... this is real... blessings...

Posted by Ginette T Belle on 04/26/04 at 11:01 PM

this poem has such a lovely, passionate rythmn to it..it glides..."riding tides of gentle pull" is example of the wonderful gift you have a stringing words together to make this timeless beauty you create in your poetry...

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 04/28/04 at 02:45 AM

Lovers locked in the womb of the world, with its good and bad, is what springs to mind upon reading this evocative piece Rula. Superb expression, that I'm sure we all can relate to in our own way.

Posted by Richard D Frederick on 04/29/04 at 12:20 AM

oceans between us are the oceans within us.

Posted by JD Clay on 04/29/04 at 02:50 AM

Blue - Pe4ce...

Posted by Jean Mollett on 06/03/04 at 06:03 AM

Hi Rula, It's beautiful, looks like it's a big hit with everyone. Good one.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 08/26/12 at 04:50 PM

Such a fine POTD! Congratulations!

Posted by Mo Couts on 08/26/12 at 11:04 PM

Congrats on POTD--beautifully done, Rula!

Posted by George Hoerner on 08/27/12 at 12:00 AM

A beautiful love poem m'lady. I hope all is well with you and yours.

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