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December 10, 2020

by Chris Sorrenti

In regards to my hernia operation on November 18th, finally got the staples removed from my belly yesterday. The surgeon was able to do it in his office. Although I was apprehensive, especially the night before, with a sting here and there, it took only five minutes...went easier than I thought. Feeling better already.

On the COVID front, Britain has started vaccinating its older citizens, so as saying goes, “Light at the end of the tunnel.”

Canada has approved the Pfizer vaccine, with an initial 30K doses scheduled to arrive next week. It’s a tiny amount, but better than nothing, with more to arrive as the weeks progress. Of course, health care workers and seniors in long term care homes have priority, then people over 60 (that’s me), so on and so forth. I’m happy to wait my turn, see what kind of side effects occur with those already immunized.

The downside to the Pfizer vaccine is that it has to be stored at -70 degrees Celsius, which calls for the use of special freezers. I’m surprised that there are enough of them around, but apparently there are.

Moderna is the next of three, including AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson. yet to be approved by Canada. Moderna’s more versatile than Pfizer’s as it can be refrigerated at a lower temperature.

Meanwhile, Canada remains in various levels of lockdown, or at least restrictions of personal and business freedom, depending on the geographical area. Hopefully by the middle of 2021, life will be heading back to close to the way it used to be before the pandemic. One thing of note is how many office workers will continue to work at home, especially the federal government here in Ottawa, due to its effect on reduced traffic and thus Greenhouse Gases. Not sure then what would become of all those office towers downtown, spread across the city or on the Gatineau side. As with Corona, ghost town may take on a whole new meaning.

Decisions decisions decisions...as a writer, all the above will affect the future of this collection, Corona Diary, and the COVID-19 series. I am tempted to wrap up both by the end of this month, barring some unforeseen change or disaster. Of course, as always, will keep an open mind, adding new pieces, if and when necessary. Dribs & Drabs will also be finished at the end of December, with Tomorrow Is Another Day, to take over in the chronological poetry department, for any inspiration that might come along in the next couple of years. I still have dozens of older pieces, mainly from the 1980s, that have to be gone through and brought up to snuff, if not heading for the wastebasket.

Meanwhile, son Jason and I will continue to hunker down at home, going out only when we have to. No coffee dates or luncheons with the few (even fewer after this last year) who I used to, until we’ve all been vaccinated. It will be a quiet Christmas and New Year's. Hard to believe, a year ago Dawn was still alive, and that that New Year's Eve outing to Irene’s Pub would be spell the end...in more ways than one. I’m beginning to understand and appreciate the loneliness so many older people go through as the years progress. Facebook helps to reduce that impact, but not the same as face to face or phone contact.

Merry Christmas! And good luck in your own struggles to anyone who might read this.

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Posted on 12/10/2020
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