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August 4, 2020

by Chris Sorrenti

As I said in my previous entry, life has been pretty good to me,
but that doesn’t make me immune to COVID fatigue. Some days, it’s a struggle just to get out of bed.
And yet, I’m the last person who should be complaining about anything.

Writing helps...a lot, but even writing can only do so much. Pot has been a godsend,
helping to smooth out the rough edges of the crisis; personal and otherwise.

I’ve started going back to Gabriel’s, once a week. They make an excellent breakfast, till 3pm.

To me, the sign of a good restaurant is how good a bacon, sausage, ham and eggs they make.
The coffee, tomato or water melon, and home fries on the side don’t hurt either.
If they can do that right, then I’ll go back for other things. Their pizza of course is famous.
Everything else I’ve ordered from them has been excellent as well. What else would you expect,
from a greasy spoon with an arch-angel’s name in it?

My Gabriel’s has a dining area. At first, eating in an enclosed area, something said I wouldn’t do,
but this restaurant and I are old friends; have been going there for years. I know...more famous last words.

I actually prefer it this way now. Long gone, the throngs who used to flock there.
Now, I walk in with my face mask on, the waitress directs me to which table, I sit down and remove the mask.
Never a crowd since I’ve been back, social distancing between occupied tables,
with everything wiped down. No salt and pepper shakers, condiments come in a dish;
sugar, sweetener, salt, pepper, ketchup, in small separate packages.

Part of the old reality, that helps chase away some of that COVID fatigue.

Joe, my BFF, has tentatively invited me up to his cottage sometime this month.
We’ve known each other since high school, and he was the best man at my wedding to Cindy J.
Today would have been our 41st anniversary. Irreconcilable differences, still good friends thankfully.

Joe and his significant other, Lyne, actually had the virus. Two of those unfortunates who happened to be on a cruise ship
(in the West Indies) when the pandemic hit the fan. They both became ill, but fortunately only mild symptoms.
After the nightmare of trying to get back to Ottawa from Florida,
they quarantined for the required 14 days, had a relative drop off groceries meanwhile.
Joe later tested positive for Corona. With a limited amount of swabs available, they wouldn’t test Lyne,
figuring common-law couples would both be infected.

Talking to Joe on the phone the other day, I voiced my concern and fear that he might infect me,
even though it had been four months since they got back. He assured me that he couldn’t pass it on to me now.
And so, looking forward to getting out of town for a couple of days.
Another old reality with new conditions.

Not that I want to die, especially hooked up to a respirator, but I’ve had a good life.
Here’s hoping it will stay that way...Saint Gabriel.

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Posted on 08/04/2020
Copyright © 2021 Chris Sorrenti

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