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Power Turn

by Chris Sorrenti

She had heard the rumors
but never the opportunity
to witness first hand
with her own eyes
not realizing that this would be the day

The guy who had chased her
on his bicycle
all those years before
if any good had come out it
he had taught her to watch her back
as he probably wouldn’t be around
to protect her
now suddenly reappeared
out of nowhere
but far enough ahead
he wasn’t aware of her

She spotted him on Ogilvie Road
Where it intersects Saint Laurent Boulevard
Turns into Coventry
not sure at first if it was really him
she drew closer
as close as she dared
he travelling at a casual pace
steadily west
towards the southern entrance to Overbrook
Presland Drive

His frame
a familiar mental snapshot from the past
assuring her of his identity

And so
she attempted to close the distance
not knowing
what she would say or do
if she caught up with him

Still unaware of her presence
suddenly he burst forward
and began to pull away
with afterburners full on
the distance expanding farther and further
she now realizing
he could have easily caught her
if he wanted to

Dismay soon turned to alarm/concern
as she watched him race
without slowing down
ever closer to the street on his right
where he obviously would have to turn

In a move that could have easily killed
a less experienced cyclist
“One for the ‘Brook”
as the taxi drivers would say
he careened to the left
30 feet before the intersection
as a fighter plane would before it banks
then barely losing speed
suddenly shifted all his weight to the right
to enter smoothly at a 90-degree angle
onto Presland
the bicycle an extension of himself
upon finishing the power turn
once again shooting forward
disappearing out of sight amid the houses

The following day
the phone rang
lifting the receive to his ear
he heard that familiar click
before being able say “Hello”
instinctively knowing it was her
and that she had been nearby
the previous day

© 2020

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Author's Note: A poem that was started at least five years ago, and from time to time added to, refined. What I like to call a ‘major construction project’, as compared to the automatic writing variety, where everything comes out in one shot. The inspiration in fact dates back decades to 1990, and to a degree, earlier. Based on real people and events, poetic license was used to enhance and connect what is essentially a flight of fancy, mixed with wishful thinking.

Posted on 07/28/2020
Copyright © 2020 Chris Sorrenti

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