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July 5, 2020

by Chris Sorrenti

Had a dream last night.

The government rigged everyone and their homes with Corona alarms. A new system to ensure we all did our part in avoiding the second wave; now considered more when than if. If we went out, a Corona alarm was attached to our ankles or wrists. It could sense if we weren’t social distancing or wearing a face mask…or not taking proper precautions in washing hands, etc.

Always the rebel, mine went off all the time. I had gotten used to wearing a face mask indoors in stores, but outside was a different matter. A freedom I refused to relinquish, and of course, my share of dirty looks from passers-by. Some would report me, or the Corona Police would find me on their own, thanks to the tracking device. There were no fines, as I recall, just the usual dressing down, having to do my part for humanity, and all the other BS that goes with it. Needless to say, I only went out when I had to.

Home was no better though. My house had also been wired with sensors. Various places…surfaces, to ensure one practiced a regime of disinfection.

One time, without thinking, I popped something into the microwave. Yes, it too had been modified, with a sensor installed at the bottom of the front, where the door locks flush when closed. After finishing, I just closed the door, and all hell broke loose. Oh God! I had forgotten to wipe down the microwave after using it.

A large speaker that had been installed in my living room, suddenly went off. Nothing that would shatter the eardrums, but loud and tedious enough to be nauseously annoying. The government in its infinite wisdom had included a feature, whereby if we could right whatever wrong we had inflicted upon ourselves...and humanity, then the alarm would shut off. All too often though, I wasn’t fast enough, and soon would come that familiar banging at the door. Despite the eventual and predictable dirty looks from neighbours, I would occasionally do it on purpose, just to have some company, even if it meant the Corona Police.

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Author's Note: Based on an actual dream.

Posted on 07/05/2020
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