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by Chris Sorrenti

a virus has spread across the planet
been with us a long long time
feeding off its victims
growing exponentially since the Garden of Eden
through misery - rage - and revenge

there are snipers running rampage in Washington
an opera house full of innocents in Moscow taken hostage
terrorists on the loose in every corner of the globe
leaving us all to ask when will it end?
mass media seeming only to make the sickness worse
nowhere are we safe from the monster within
so keep an eye on your neighbor
they could be next to pop a vein
be nice to everyone you meet
in case they're about to unleash the arsenal
hiding in their basement
with the hope they might spare you
when the bullets and bombs
start flying in your neighborhood
dive for cover if you can
and if you survive
count yourself lucky if you dare

despite all our progress - technology - intelligence
it's still tooth for a tooth - eye for an eye
down the road - around the block
on your own doorstep
psychos and nutbars having a field day
the wolves are feasting on the lambs

even if we decide to vaporize the whole planet
start all over
along with the survivors
who'd pull themselves from the rubble
it too would surely rise again
the curse of mankind
the word LIVE spelled backward
making victims of us all

© 2002

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Author's Note: Another for “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” file. Inspired mainly by the Washington DC sniper murders, October 2002. I’m getting tired of writing and posting these 'rant' poems, but not to...I’d only be burying my head in the sand.

Posted on 11/08/2017
Copyright © 2020 Chris Sorrenti

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