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by Chris Sorrenti


I’m suddenly back in high school. I have to go to my locker, and although I know approximately where it’s located in the school/hallway, I can’t remember the locker number or the combination to my lock.


Although happily retired, I find myself back on the job. My new supervisor greets me in the main lobby of the building where I used to work, introduces herself, then escorts me upstairs to my new work station. The layout of the floor is completely different from what I recall, and the people I used to work with all gone, replaced by a whole new crop of employees.

The supervisor says she’ll be back soon to explain my duties. Meanwhile, I decide then to go down to the cafeteria to grab a coffee. When I get back to the office, I can’t find my work station, wandering the floor aimlessly. Embarrassed by my predicament, and with everyone else quite busy, I don’t ask for assistance, instead continuing to circle the floor to the point I’m soon weary and exasperated by the situation.


I rent a car. Park it in a multi-story garage. Go off to do various things. For some reason, I’m gone for days, completely aware and worried that said car is costing me money; both in parking fees and the car rental itself. I keep meaning to go back, but also keep getting sidetracked. By the end of the dream, I’m freaking out, because I can no longer remember what garage I parked the car in, nor its make/color.

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Posted on 08/03/2017
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