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Devil's Advocate

by Chris Sorrenti

     so you are Speed, king of the chemicals
     destroyer of men...killer of lost children...

Apart from the liveliest conversations you’ll ever enjoy
babbling like a village idiot about anything and everything
while simultaneously giving away the family fortune
only one reason to gaze into the crystal
we’ll give you a clue…a three letter word
starts with S and it ends with X
and if anyone tells you different
then he or she is a liar

Forget the warnings you’ve seen on TV
this is your brain...this your brain on drugs
whoever wrote that crap never spent time
with a pocket full of hurricane
the rock broken down into fine powder
mixed with H2O
heated up in a spoon
sucked into the needle
and within seconds
the curtain of reality is irrevocably drawn back
as all the barriers society has placed on you
dissolve into perfume

Doing the dirty
becomes an intoxicating elixir
your wildest fantasies as alive as you
relax and enjoy the show
the party’s just begun

until you peak
the orgasm doesn’t take place between your legs
but in that magic garden behind your eyes

But oh this naughty bitch has such a recoil
if you are going to live forever
then first you must eat from the tree of knowledge

never deny the hunger its due
or you’ll learn quickly enough what it is
to tug too vigorously on the beard of God

We should know
having been there in the beginning
that would have no end
angels in our own right
better to rule in Hell
than serve in Heaven

patiently waiting for you
to assemble the right ingredients
and now that you have
some words of caution
from those who all too well know the meaning
of having gone too far

He will knock you off your high horse
fast as he put you up there
like cooking with grease
a healthy dose of respect is always called for
but never be afraid of it
or as the euphemism dictates “Speed does kill”

Addictive? nah
though the true test of men...and certain lost children
is if they can say no to a future encounter
with a four letter word
that starts with M and ends with H
having witnessed a thousand tomorrows
in just one setting and rise of the sun

© 2006

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Posted on 06/05/2017
Copyright © 2020 Chris Sorrenti

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kris Mara on 06/07/17 at 09:58 PM

Powerful, real and direct...amazing work...as always...

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