Expanding Circles

by Thomas K. Hunt

To keep it burning you form a circle and pass it around
That's the best way that anyone has found
In my opinion it's the best I've ever known
Passing it around is the only way to go

Hit those glowing red ambers when it's your turn
Keep it going until there's nothing left to burn
Hold it in deep and let it out slow
When you get there you'll be the the first to know

Then the smiles turn into laughter
All our frowns turned upside down
We're all high within our circle
with our feet still on the ground

Pass it around and just say nothing
You can pass it and just say hey
Pass it around and hear the laughter
Sit back, relax and enjoy your days

Live up to your responsibilities
It's the right thing to do
You've earned a few liberties
You have them coming to you

In this space and time there should be no restrictions
No body knows if it's fact or fiction
I was once me and I'm still the same
I am what I am and I'm to blame
After so many years I still feel the same

We've passed it around and made history
Remembering the smiles that were smiled at me
Loving memories of all the good times
Those are the ones I keep stored in my mind

That's the way it should be every day
It's up to us to make it that way
Living life and loving it to the end
Expanding circles with lifelong friends

The day will come and we'll pass it around
Once again turn around our frowns
That's bound to happen my long lost friends
I'll be right there in your circle again

I'll be waiting for my pass
Let's pass it slow and make it last
Let's pass it around again my friends
Let's burn down another to the end

To keep it burning you form a circle and pass it around
That's the best way that anyone has found
Keep expanding your circle, that's the right thing to do
The larger the circle the more love for you


Posted on 04/15/2017
Copyright © 2020 Thomas K. Hunt

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Brian Francis on 04/15/17 at 01:30 PM

The ganja gods are smiling upon you for this fine ode to bud. Nicely worded. --bf

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 04/15/17 at 07:08 PM

Never a more appropriate poem with the legalization of weed here in Canada. Kudos. :)

Posted by Rob Littler on 04/15/17 at 08:02 PM


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