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Rider On The Storm

by Chris Sorrenti

my steed gallops faster than ever now
with two wolves named Evolution and Progress
nipping constantly at its hooves
only slowing to a trot or better moments of rest
when we’ve given our canine companions the slip
it won’t be long before they catch up

drawn to this pony’s ever changing colors
brilliant in sunshine’s reassuring rays
seductively sombre amid the dark of moonless nights
only the rainbow envies what we’ve become
though our own pot of gold shining but in metaphor
we know no camouflage to offer shelter from the wolves
except what truth still to be found in black or white

the preeminent folly of ones and zeroes rising
together we wear a mask of electronics
letting both foe and friend know who we are
sometimes a stallion other times a mare
giving birth to intelligences
sadly no choice in the rushing but left behind
to be raised in the wild by those same dogs
that chase us without respite through the seasons
ever questionable ambassadors to the whole equation

where for thirty orbits and more
my steed and I have braved the eyes of humanity
the only whip those hounds will ever know
and yet despite the intellect of canines weaning digital mustangs
let loose on the world to find their own masters
the beauty of a rainbow no matter the season
offering we hunted only this bittersweet struggle
the precise ambiguity of an artistic and mathematical marriage
continues to drive all parties on to what might only be oblivion

it’s October now
leaves once again change their colors
falling only to be launched by the quickening of our hooves
the wind grows mean in subservient preparation
for that won’t and will of what must always be done

not far off another Summer calls to us
in anticipation
this union already treading through knee deep snow
my mare my stallion
snorts streams of history from its nostrils
in testament to our continued survival
carrying us forward in the realization
that rider upon horse
wolves and rainbow together cast upon this timeless rock
with whatever god drives us
are but one in the same

© 2004

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Posted on 04/03/2017
Copyright © 2021 Chris Sorrenti

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