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Beast of Burden

by Chris Sorrenti

these words will carry me many days/miles
before I must drink again
from the well of eternity

and in this
I am God’s camel
carrying him through mortal desert
he also the sand beneath my hooves
supports my Earthly weight
across this finite time and space
with the promise of eternity

what is my mission tonight, master?

trim the tears from shredded pant cuffs
apply for credit at a bazaar
that sells trousers at half the price
for what does a camel need
with expensive garments?
do the birds of sky
fish of ocean worry
where their next meal comes from?

important also to have fun
one cannot survive solely
as beast of burden he reminds
entertain myself with a movie
from Vietnam
The Vertical Ray Of The Sun
a peace offering
from what was once also a desert
…of war

break the daily cycle of industrial weed
teach two faced governments
camel backs are not easily broken
fast from the juice of perennial vine
that tempts me to fill my lungs
with more than I can handle
finish this latest offering of my own

whilst I weather the derision
of a faceless cyber assassin
hiding behind keyboard sandstorm
as he/she offers gifts of Trojan horses

no matter
the master sees/knows all
wields his own viruses

as all the enemies come before will learn
this mortal desert can be a cruel place
for those attempting to hide amid its dunes
he reminds
a camel’s indifference will be your shield
against all sandstorms
carrying beast and master
on to next oasis
where another sip of eternity awaits

these words are all you need
for the remaining days/miles ahead
whilst you continue
to move my infinite grains onto hard drive

one day
when you’ve drank and spilled
enough enlightenment from all oases
I will show you how camels too can fly

© 2002

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Posted on 09/15/2016
Copyright © 2020 Chris Sorrenti

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