Doppelgänger Gangplank

by A. Paige White

Too much alone
Too much afraid
Too much unknown
Too much paid

To let us go
By the way
For no show
So they say

Could I tell you a story
Ole storyteller
Like bees buzzing flowers
With some honey on hive's mind

It's a modern tale
That has sat sail
All sewn up
At a rate of knots

That black book
Bought with blood money
Dares to say it holds a name
Spar - with these throat barnacles
(Alternately feeding and fighting
With their feet)
Bowsprit [bee block]
know your ropes, carried away deep six

It's a thieves cat o nine tales
Captain of chewing the fat
Or combing the cat
I've never seen (one) better

Dunnage topping a tonnage
From that trusty barrage
I'm everything on top and nothing handy
An eye splice on a short rope
Given and giving leeway

Haven't got a clew for true
whence such hails from

So... She measures faces with her heart and hands
And a camera lens for a few


Author's Note: #sails #olestoryteller #storytelling #salty #foreignlanguage #poundo'barnacle #throatbarnacle

I always have to smile and chuckle
And chew the fat
When throat barnacles
Are in view... ;-}

Posted on 07/27/2015
Copyright © 2023 A. Paige White

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 07/30/15 at 10:41 AM

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of throat barnacles. Fun read Paige. Great rhyme scheme also.

Posted by John Harder on 11/13/15 at 08:57 AM

I like the cut of your jib. This was a fun read!

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