I ----You C.

by Philip F De Pinto

Let me admit impediments
Indeed with relish
And those yet to be gleaned
In our Petri dish
The all of which heaven's lab
Foments and sends
To blend with the conventional PH
To balance what would otherwise be
Too fine features double billed
At the Bijou

Oh how I cherished
The Anjou shaped loveliness
Of you which from my recollection never fades
And your mane's rich brodade
The every strand of which
I wish I were as yet inhaling
To intoxication as jazz or glue
Would fail to do

Imbued in irises
Blinding as buffed obsidian
Made pale and splashed
With the sun's farina
Let it not be said
I worshiped you not
Toe to twinkle head
Left not a rock in your bed
Neath which I located
Inklings of thoughts
Bashful and beguiled and sensitive
To light - the dimmest in the night sky
Not to be confused with fireflies

Permit me to say
What I cannot eliminate
From my vocabularium
The triad as will not fray
With overuse
But wean on a Zephyr
And take on a patina
Warmer than do statues
In Elysian or any park
As one wounded warrior
Rearing on his spooked horse
Is apt to falling off
The landing of which
Would further create impediment
To relish and foment
As beckons Autumn a puff o' wind to unravel
From its fine spool - the cool and ne'er
Withering Sirocco of you
As yet flows through what was seeming
To have turned myopic
My love for you is no haiku
But epic


Posted on 10/18/2014
Copyright © 2022 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Coleman Demiurge on 10/22/14 at 03:44 PM

Beautiful poem. I especially liked the third stanza, and the lines: "Bashful and beguiled and sensitive To light - the dimmest in the night sky Not to be confused with fireflies." Well said! I wish I had your gift for words - it would've saved me much heartache. ;) Those final two lines end it perfectly. Superb work through and through. Nicely done!

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