Look No Further

by Philip F De Pinto

This morning
You find yourself
Running alongside a poem;
A haiku to be specific

You ask the poem where are you going?
Why do you ask asks the poem?
You say to the poem - are you aware poem
That I am a poet? And what is that to me
Says the poem?

Oh nothing! says the poet -
But if you should ever wish to look up
Your long lost father - look no further
But you will find him some morning
Running alongside you

Oh! says the poem? And what if I say
Nix to looking up that sick minimalist bastard?
And would look up my long lost mother in lieu?
In that case I wouldn't know what to say to you?
Save she is long lost to me too - who was a poem and haiku
In her own right - with whom I made passionate consummation one night

And it was no chance occurrence
Given we took no precaution
That you were born the next morning!
As quickly as all that says the poem?
Aye - as quickly as all that says the poet;

When you have consummation down pat
What need to make of it an epic?


Author's Note: and this resentment of poem toward poet is why poet rarely if ever pens a haiku as would accuse him of such slander, as pegs him a sick minimalist bastard.

Posted on 09/03/2014
Copyright © 2024 Philip F De Pinto

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